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10 Best Automotive Technologies Of 2018

the best automotive technology of 2018

Cars nowadays are equipped to the brim with technology to help the driver, prevent accidents, and entertain the passengers. Buying a car can become a jargon-filled nightmare if you don’t know what all the different technologies are for.

Buying a car is no longer just about picking the model you like the best or looking for one in the right colour which has a reliable engine. Now what comes with the car is almost as important as what is under the bonnet.

We asked the guys at bigmotoringworld.co.uk for their top pick. So here goes:

Car Controlling Mobile Apps

It’s now possible with most new cars to install some kind of app on your phone, from the manufacturer, to help with your car. While some are interactive owner’s manuals, others can do much more like remotely unlock the car and check the fuel levels and tyre pressures for you automatically.

Limitations For Younger Drivers

If you are lending your car to a younger driver there are now some technical devices which can help you put limits on what they can do in the vehicle. It can alert you if the car goes over the speed limit, and prevent the stereo coming on unless the seatbelts are connected, for example.

Automatic Cruise Control

This is the perfect piece of tech for a driver who does a lot of in-traffic commuting. The new cruise control technology will automatically adjust the car to match the speed to the vehicle in front, helping you to stop braking and accelerating constantly.

Headlight Technology

Headlights are vital for night-time road safety and most modern cars come with LED systems where the bulbs don’t need replacing. Many of the new models feature headlight bulbs which can turn to light up around corners.

Other great headlight technology includes automated high beams which will automatically lower and increase headlight intensity to prevent blinding oncoming drivers while ensuring essential levels of illumination are maintained.

Smartphone Screens For The Car Display

Many of the newer screens which run the modern car infotainment systems are quite hard for motorists to navigate so both the Car Play from Apple and Auto from Google, are great as they allow you to connect your phone and let it take over the larger car screen.

That way you can use a screen that looks much more familiar and is a lot easier to use. They both give you a simpler screen with access to music, maps, and the phone’s built-in voice-control.

USB Options

Most new cars now come with a number of USB ports to enable passengers to keep their phones and devices fully charged – perfect for keeping the kids entertained on a long journey.

It’s Behind You – Traffic Alert

When reversing it’s possible that a person will walk behind your car, or a careless trolley left loose in a car park might roll across the back of the car without you noticing. Modern technology now includes a rear sensor alert system which doesn’t just track how close the car is getting to an object; it also sounds a loud beep, and can even brake the car automatically, if someone or something wanders into the vicinity of the back of your car.

Lane Swerving Systems

These systems are perfect for drivers who become distracted or drive long distances on motorways as they alert you if your car starts to move across into a lane by accident. The cameras will monitor if the car starts drifting across into the lane next to it and will alert the driver with a sound or steering wheel vibration, to help avoid a potential collision. Some really advanced versions can even help nudge the car back across into the correct position.

Automatic Braking For Emergencies

This is a piece of technology which could save your life and is already in place in many modern makes of cars. The system uses sensors to detect if the car is about to be involved in a collision and will automatically apply the brakes. The aim is for the car to take action if the driver doesn’t appear to be doing so already.

An All-Around Camera

Parking can be a pesky issue and is a common cause for insurance claims. This new camera system uses images from cameras on each side of the car and combines them to create a 360 degree image of your car, so you can see exactly where you are in relation to the cars either side and behind you, or the walls, or the garage door etc.

This is just a sample of the many new technologies which can be found in most modern cars nowadays so when you go to choose your next car, remember to look at what comes with it on the inside – particularly with safety tech – as well as what’s under the bonnet.

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