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10 Tips & Useful Websites For Writing The Perfect Essays On iOS

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These days, we use our phones for almost literally everything. We communicate with them, sure, but those devices manage nearly every part of our lives, even in the realm of education. More and more students are abandoning their laptops in favor of smaller screens for most academic tasks, including writing essays and papers.

If you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had someone to write my essay for me…” you’re in luck. These ten useful tips will practically do just that, and if you need even more help, you can also go directly to a trusted essay writing service like EssayPro for even more help. Here are our top 10 tips with links to some helpful online resources that will help you not only finish your paper but get the best possible grade on it.

Stay Current On Relevant Events

Seek out real-world applications for the things you’re learning in class. News websites and blog sites like The Daily Beast Feature articles that span the spectrum of news and entertainment and tackle subjects ranging from celebrity gossip to science, politics, and medicine.

Get Honest Feedback

Sites like Critique Circle give you the opportunity to get honest feedback from other students and aspiring writers about how your writing fares in comparison to others. Don’t go there looking to stroke your ego, but if you want a real, honest assessment of your abilities, it is a great resource.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Never leave the task of spotting spelling errors up to a simple spell checker. Algorithms don’t always flag words used out of context and will often go you with sentences and paragraphs that take on whole new meanings without a little proofreading. It doesn’t hurt, however, to have an app like Grammarly to help you spot errors a little faster.

Understand The Words You Use

If you aren’t sure, you are using the correct word in a specific context, consult with a good online dictionary for help. If, when you proofread your paper, something doesn’t seem to flow right, follow your gut and investigate words and phrases that you think might not fit.

Use Synonyms Liberally

Repeating the same words and phrases over and over can be monotonous for your professor to read. If you feel like there are limits to your vocabulary and you want to find better ways of expressing certain ideas, an online thesaurus is the best tool for that.

Get Familiar With Grammar

Again, you don’t want an algorithm interpreting your thoughts and intentions on paper. Understanding grammar better before you start writing will help make the task of writing your essay or paper much easier.

Read As Much As You Can

As elementary as it sounds, there is no better foundation for good writing than avid reading. Sites like Classic Reader can provide you with some great examples of high-quality writing and also provide you with inspiration for illustrations and vignettes to insert into your academic papers.

Understand Formatting

If you aren’t clear on how an academic paper should be formatted, check out MLA.org. Everything you will ever need to know how to format and style your paper can be found here.

Use Some Good Phone Accessories

Transform your small screen into a word processing power station with a foldable Bluetooth keyboard. If you are already using an iPad instead of your phone, consider using an inexpensive keyboard case to write your papers instead of the virtual one available on the iPad.

Download Some Writing Apps

There are so many great apps for use with the iPhone and iPad it would be impossible to list them all here, but Forbes magazine has compiled a list of some that we think are among the best. Most will only set you back about $10, and some are even free or have free limited-feature versions to download and try.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you already have a potent tool for tackling your toughest writing assignments. Best of all, every resource listed above can be accessed and used effectively right from your phone or tablet. We hope you will take the time to implement some of our advice and also check out some of the websites mentioned above. Doing so will give you a real edge and help you boost your grade on your next essay or term paper.

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