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12 Mistakes That Are Stopping Your Business From Reaching Its Full Potential

Throughout those early stages of running a business, there’s always going to be a sense of trial and error involved. Therefore, it’s only natural that it will take some time before you discover which processes work best for your company. However, unlocking your maximum capabilities isn’t all about doing the right things. It’s also equally important that you avoid doing the wrong.

Nobody is perfect, and you will inevitably make mistakes on your journey to millions. But some will generate far greater impacts than others. Here are 12 of the most significant errors that new entrepreneurs commonly fall for. Go the extra mile to prevent them damaging your progress, and your company will have far greater hopes of success.


One of the most important lessons that any business owner can learn is that it’s impossible to do everything by yourself. Supporting yourself is one of the most important assignments that any entrepreneur faces. As such, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to ensure the team is of the highest standards.

Of course, the qualifications and skills of candidates are key. However, it’s equally vital to ensure that they boast the right personality. Screening character traits is an essential aspect that many businesses forget to do. The staff is your most telling asset. If you want to give your company a solid foundation, perfecting this task is a must.


Finding the right staff is one thing, but you also need those employees to produce the goods. The staff are only human. Their emotional relationship with the job and the company can have a telling influence on their productivity.

An employee who feels appreciated will inevitably produce far greater results. Staff perks and rewards are a great way to achieve this goal. Meanwhile, you can additionally offer group benefits to help build a better overall atmosphere. Above all else, you should show them that hard work can lead to progression within the company. After all, those individuals all have aspirations. Either way, a happy team is a more effective one. Do not forget it.

Health & Safety

Keeping the staff happy and on task is crucial. However, your biggest responsibility is to keep them safe. No entrepreneur wants the guilt of causing an accident through negligence. And they certainly don’t want to face the resulting personal injury claims. Not only will they disrupt workflow, but it could bring a negative reaction from other staff and customers.

You should be providing all staff with the necessary clothing and equipment when using dangerous machinery. You also need to consider electrical safety, general cleanliness, and other items. Perhaps most importantly, they require suitable training. If it helps build a better working environment, it can only be good news for the business.

Financial Control

Whatever you do in business, every decision should center around money. After all, finance is the only element that truly matters to the company’s future. Without turning a profit, the business will eventually fail.

When first starting out, you may need to acquire a business loan to give yourself a fighting chance of getting your dreams off the ground. Meanwhile, keeping an eye on your outgoings is key. Of course, you will be spending money in business. Nevertheless, trimming the fat from your overheads will buy you more time and increase your profits. If that doesn’t inspire you to look for winning deals, nothing will.

Tech Facilities

­Modern technology has changed business for the better, and can create far greater opportunities. But this does also mean that you need to pay extra attention to get those elements in great health. Otherwise, it will hand the advantage to your competitors.

Those computer facilities can have a telling impact on productivity and growth. In most cases, gaining expert support for your business is the best way to maximize those possibilities. Quite frankly, this can become the driving force behind your entire operation. If there’s only one aspect of business that is outsourced, this should be it.


Time is money. Therefore, one of the most important challenges in business is knowing that the whole team is on the same wavelength. Communication plays an instrumental role, and can be the key to directing your company to great things.

Encouraging positive relationships is essential. In addition to your links with the employees, you should be sure that they enjoy positive relationships with each other. Smartphones, video conferencing and other communication tools will go a long way to aiding the cause too. This is particularly pertinent when dealing with staff split over multiple locations. Either way, good communication needs to be at the heart of your operation. Or else you’ll be asking for trouble.

First Appearances

Ensuring that your operation is running effectively is great, but it will count for nothing if you don’t have customers. Actively converting sales requires many elements to be in place. Before worrying about additional features, your company must elicit great first impressions. Otherwise, you’ll lose potential customers before you’ve even had a chance to impress them.

If operating from home, you may wish to acquire a virtual office address. Meanwhile, it’s important that your branding elements generate the desired response too. If you can get the positivity flowing before even starting, it can enhance your chances of a sale.

Customer Knowledge

Perhaps the biggest trap for new businesses is trying to please everyone. In truth, the only people that matter are the ones that are genuinely considered potential customers. As long as your key demographic is buying into your ethos and products, you will achieve great things. Negative reactions from outsiders are irrelevant.

Subsequently, market research should be considered an essential part of your business operation. If your products and services aren’t tailored towards customers, they’ll take their business elsewhere. Surveys and other tools can help customers feel like they are playing an active role in the future of the company. And if you build a better platform for them, it will create a better platform for you too.

Digital Marketing

Marketing has always been a major factor in the success of any company. It’s your key to getting people interested and excited about your products. Visibility and familiarity are the two greatest elements behind a successful strategy. Given that most consumers are constantly on their smartphones and tablets, digital schemes are vital.

Designing a wonderful site is all well and good, but you need visitors to see the benefits. Improving your Google ranking should be viewed as an essential part of your strategy. Meanwhile, embracing social media is a great way to connect with customers and build an even bigger audience. It’s cheaper than traditional methods, and can be extremely effective. Embrace it.

Customer Referrals

No matter what you do, no marketing strategy can match the success of recommendation. Hearing positive words from friends and family can have a far greater impact on our consumer decisions. From a business perspective, this opens up a whole world of opportunity.

Placing customer testimonials on your website is a great foundation for gaining increased trust. However, the most successful strategy is to run a referral scheme. Rewarding existing clients for bringing in new business should see your customer base swell.  Meanwhile, you’ll only pay out when you see greater profits too. What more could you ever ask for?

Customer Care

Business is all about people. Your staff are central to productivity while customers are integral to your profits. Therefore, treating the latter with care is an essential factor. Sadly, in the modern climate, it’s a task that many businesses ignore. Do not be one of them.

Customers need to trust your company. Knowing that your team is ready to help rectify any issues will certainly increase those feelings. Whether it’s before, during or after the sale doesn’t matter. Upgrading your customer care game will have a telling impact on your customer retention levels. Meanwhile, it’s another factor that will encourage clients to spread positive vibes too. If this doesn’t help you achieve better things, nothing will.


Once you achieve a certain level of success, it becomes tempting to sit back and enjoy it. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst things you can do. Business progresses at an incredibly rapid rate. Failing to evolve with the times could undo all the good work you’ve done.

The world feels smaller than ever, and going international is more accessible than ever. You don’t even need to open a new branch to serve a wider audience. And with a bigger customer base, it only makes sense that your profits will grow. Moreover, if you find yourself needing to take on new staff, you can always leave that to outsourcing. Either way, continually striving for more is essential.


Essentially, the intricate details are something that you need to work out for yourself. Having said that, following the tried and trusted methods for business success will help you cut out those costly mistakes. In turn, this will provide the perfect platform to build a company that achieves maximized profits.

If that doesn’t sound appealing, you’re probably in the wrong game to start with.

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