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3 Electronic Cigarettes You Need To Consider

three ecigarettes you need to consider

There are many electronic cigarette brands from which you can choose your preferred e-cig. Each of these brands is unique and offers features that give you a different experience. With many brands in the market, it could be challenging to make the right choice. That is why you may want to consider reading reviews that highlight the best e-cig brands so as to decide which to pick.

If you are looking for a reliable e-cig that will enhance your experience, here are top brands that you could choose from.

V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs offers you good looking e-cigs paraphernalia. The best part about the package is that it contains e-cigs for everyone, from advanced users to newbie. The brand offers a few goodies including a USB charger, a wall adapter, two v2 standard batteries, a user’s manual, two v2 platinum e-liquid bottles (25 ml), and a pack of EX Blanks (3 blanks in each pack). You can also choose from different flavor cartridges that are included in the package.

The flavors you can pick from include vanilla, sahara, grape, chocolate, v2 cola, coffee, cherry, grape, peppermint, menthol, congress, green team menthol, and v2 red. You can read more about this brand on E-Cig-Brands.com where you will also find reviews of other leading e-cig brands. If you are looking for a beautiful product that will transform your vaping experience, this is the choice you should go for. It is one of the best competing products in the vaping world, so you might consider experimenting with it to see how it compares with other e-cigarettes that you are currently using.

Vaporfi Pro

The Vaporfi Pro kit offers you good batteries and the design is made for the regular smoker who would like to transition into vaping. The starter kit includes one battery and one tank, and there are three spare atomizers, a wall adapter, and two charging cables. The standard battery offers 650mAh, but it’s possible to upgrade to about 1000 mAh. Tests have show the starter kit batteries will last two and a half days if fully charged, which makes the brand a perfect choice if you are going for camping and would like to enjoy vaping while out there. The e-cigs are available in a variety of color mixes, so you can pick what satisfies your needs. The throat hit is good, especially with high strength e-liquids, and the design is leak-proof, so you will enjoy a clean experience while using the vaporizer. This is one of the best e-cigarettes as far as looks are concerned. It is designed with a professional look that makes it ideal for use in a setting like an office. The only downside you might have to live with is the fact the e-cig lacks airflow control, which could be a deal breaker if you are an experienced vaper looking for an amazing experience.

Southern Beach Smoke Storm

This is a brand that offers tank-style e-cigarettes and their starter kit comes with a few accessories. These include the storm tanker with atomizer, a 650 mAh battery, a user’s manual, and a USB charger. It’s not much, but the kit offers you all the basics you need to start enjoying vaping. The battery will give you an average of 7 hours, and there’s an LCD screen that shows you the exact amount of charge left in the battery. It gives you a decent punch and its throat hit is sufficient for relaxed vaping. You can also build a kit from their catalog by putting together pieces from different other kits to create a unique-looking setup. Use different colors even a solid shade to complete the setup and enjoy a smooth experience while vaping. Instead of buying cartomizers, you can opt for refilling the tank, because this will save you some money.

Choosing the perfect e-cigarette is a process that might seem quite challenging if you are doing this for the first time. There are many brands in the market and it gets more challenging to know which to trust when you need a perfect electronic cigarette. If you are caught in this dilemma, you can choose from one of the brands reviewed here that offer you good results.

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