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3 Essential Items For Vapers Of All Levels

3 essential items for vapers of all levels

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate vaper with a growing collection of vapes and components – or an advanced cloud chaser with a massive arsenal of hardware tweaked to perfection for the competitive scene – chances are you need help staying organized. As with any tech, digital or electronic device, it pays to protect your investments with plenty of care and attention.

While it’s fair to say some vape mods and components require larger initial investments than others, we obviously want to get as much mileage out of them as possible before having to shell out more of our hard-earned cash for new hardware. Luckily, there are plenty of gadgets and accessories on the market that allow us to give our vapes the care they need without having to sacrifice too much of our own time in the process. Let’s take a brief look at the xx most essential accessories for all vapers, in no particular order.

Multi-Battery Chargers: Because You Need Juice To Enjoy E-Juice

If you’ve got more than one vape mod, it becomes impractical to charge a single device via USB at a time – and much worse to clutter your environment with multiple devices occupying several outlets simultaneously! Why not load all your batteries onto a single multi-battery charger and plug it in once a day, giving every one of your vapes a fresh start without creating a forest of USB cables in the process?

Typical multi-battery chargers accommodate four batteries at a time, with the ability to set each charging bay to a different size (18650 mAh, 21700 mAh, 26650 mAh and so on). Higher-end multi-battery chargers can charge up to eight or even twelve batteries simultaneously. The best part? Multi-battery chargers now come in all types to suit your particular lifestyle: portable, standard and even USB for use in a car.

Coil Building Kits: Because They Pay For Themselves & Save You Money

We aren’t kidding about the “save you money” part: after paying for itself in two months tops, a good coil building kit will probably save you enough money to pay for a good chunk of your next vape mod purchase in the long run.

If you’re using a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA), rebuildable drip atomizer (RDA) or rebuildable dripping tank atomizer (RDTA), you really should be building your own coils. There’s always the option of buying pre-made ones of course, but you’ll be spending two or even three times the money that way. DIY coil building not only acquaints you with one of the most crucial aspects of vape assembly; it gets you a custom-tailored flavor experience and saves you a ton of cash in the process.

Vape Cases: Because Rummaging Is Time-Consuming (Maybe Even Embarrassing)

Ever run into a door at the office digging through your purse, or miss a critical Super Bowl play at the viewing party rummaging into a backpack? You won’t ever have to scour for your vape if you own a good vape carrying case, and that’s probably for the best.

Consider what you’re carrying when vaping on the go: batteries that could explode with moisture or impact, scissors for cutting cotton wicking material that could be pointing the wrong way when you reach into your bag, and plastic bottles of e-liquid that risk getting pierced by said scissors with a little jostling. A vape carry case categorizes all your components safely and comfortably in a spill-proof container that shields from impact.

The Fundamentals Will Make (Or Break) Your Vaping Experience

While there certainly are fancier items out there for hardcore vaping enthusiasts, such as squonk bottle reloaders and e-liquid mixing machines, what will ultimately influence all vaper’s experience are the items that optimize usability and convenience. These are what decide whether vapes are seen as worth the price or just plain over-complicated, and not worth the bother. Luckily, the essentials are covered by all the major vape manufacturers, who put out quality products year after year.

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