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3 Reasons Why Automation Is A Key Component Of Successful Hybrid Cloud Strategies

3 reasons why automation is a key component of successful hybrid cloud strategies

Information technology has been constantly creating new ways for resources to be stored and shared so that anyone with the proper authority can access them. But with the current speed of technology, there was always someone behind the curtains, ensuring that everything remained in working order. A lot of time is wasted running tests and figuring out what should remain and what needs to be replaced.

That’s where automation comes in, and it’s why more and more developers are using it to establish and maintain successful systems.

What Is Cloud Automation?

This isn’t the same thing as documents being saved to the cloud. Cloud automation uses a wide set of very specialized tools that can perform automation within the cloud. It does take a lot of know-how to get one set up and have it working properly, but once it’s in place, it can take care of all the hard work for you.

Not only does it ease the workload, but there are several benefits it can bring to service providers too.

Better Security & Resilience

Sensitive tasks require a keen eye to ensure that they’re being carried out properly. But human error does occur, and that can lead to everything going wrong. However, when they’re automated, then there is less concern to get developers and IT staff involved to fix the problem. There’s also no need to create logs of problems and their solutions; the system does everything on its own.

In addition, security protocols can be built into the automation system so that it knows exactly what to do when a problem arises. That means that the system will last a lot longer and be more resilient against attacks.

Better Backup Processes

The process of backing up files can be tedious and time-consuming. This must be done frequently too so that files aren’t accidentally erased, a cyber-attack occurs, or some piece of equipment starts to fail. Because of the importance of backing up files, a lot of time is spent ensuring that it gets done.

But with the cloud automation process, there doesn’t need to be a team of people ensuring that the process gets done. It backs up all of the files to the cloud without the need for any input other than the initial installation, improving the system’s functionality.

Better Governance

Setting up a system manually may feel rewarding at the end of the day, but there’s no way to tell what parts of the system are running from a casual glance. Developers and administrators may not even be able to control the overall infrastructure from a central location.

On the other hand, cloud automation provides admins with the ability to set up their resources in a way that makes it easy to maintain control over everything and see what parts of the system are working.

Understanding how cloud automation works, it’s easy to see why the companies that employ it are successful. It takes all the worry out of maintaining the system so that the real work can be done.

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