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3 Reasons Why Powered PA Speakers Are Better Than Passive PA Speakers

passive vs active pa speakers

Powered pa speakers have a built-in power amplifier and can connect to the sound source directly. This means you will not require additional cables and power connections. On the other hand, unpowered pa speakers must have a power amplifier and a compatible speaker. You can learn more about these types of speakers at the https://bestdjstuff.com/dj-speakers/powered-pa/ website. We have discussed in detail below why DJs and event organizers prefer powered pa speakers.

Here are 3 reasons why powered pa speakers are better than passive pa speakers:

Matching Amplifier & Speaker

Since the amplifier is built-in, the manufacturer has already provided the perfect match for the two components. This results in better sound quality. Getting matching amplifier and speaker can be a bit challenging financially and in setting up especially for new DJ s and event organizers. It makes work easier if you opt for the inbuilt amplifier. Power consumption is also reduced. One does not need technical training or experience to use the powered pa speaker. It’s already set up and ready to use. For a passive speaker, you might need to seek professional assistance or read the manual strictly in order to connect the various components. The powered pa speaker is, therefore, better than the passive pa speakers

Transport & Set Up

The set up will also take more time if you opt for a passive pa speaker. You will require a mixer and a music player as well. In case the base delivery is low, you will also need a sub-woofer. It can be a bit challenging searching and buying a matching subwoofer and other accessories. For outdoor events, having a powered pa speaker is good because of the easy setup. They are neater since fewer cables are involved in connections. But powered speakers do not produce good sound quality while outdoors. This is one of the main disadvantages but for indoor use, it’s the best.


A powered pa speaker is more efficient in terms of energy, space and helps to avoid waste of time in set up. It is also compact making it easier for use, transport, and storage. The entire system consists of the box that encloses the driver, crossover network. They are more durable and offers a convenient and easy option especially for DJs and event organizers.

For solo DJs, event organizers and use at home powered pa speaker is more convenient. For companies and bigger outdoor events, a passive pa speaker is more appropriate and efficient.

The powered pa speakers are relatively more expensive. They are also heavier than the passive pa speakers, especially during outdoor events. The passive pa speaker also offers additional options to add more speakers, and amplifiers for improved sound quality Portability may be a bit challenging. That is why we still find some people using the passive pa speakers. Otherwise, the powered pa speakers are the most preferred. Some of the most popular brands include the Mackie, Seismic Audio, and Pioneer among other brands.

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