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3 Tips To Saving Money On Disney Movies

save money on disney movies

Regardless of your age, there are times when you feel the need to enjoy a classic Disney movie. Alternatively, you may want to start up a collection that your children will appreciate for years to come. The only downside is that building up such a collection can be quite costly. After all, Disney has such an expansive selection of movies that settling on just a few choices can be quite hard. With such high quality and enjoyable alternatives available, is there a way to save money while building up an invaluable collection?

Because Disney has been making movies for a long time, there are classics that are no longer available in circulation. However, they usually include movie releases as part of their Diamond Collection. This allows you to purchase all your favorite Disney classics in bulk, making it cheaper for you. It also makes it easier to locate any movie in particular. Here are 3 other tips that can help you make significant savings when purchasing Disney classics:

Take Advantage Of Online Sales And Movie Discounts

This is a very simple way to save money. Be on the lookout for movie sales from third-party vendors like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The advantage of using such sites to buy your Disney movies is that you can use discount coupons from online platforms such as DontPayFull.com.

It is important to stay alert with such offers because you never know how long they will run. You will be able to get good additions to your collection without spending as much as you would on regular days.

Join The Disney Movie Club

The Disney Movie Club is a subscription-based service created specifically for Disney film enthusiasts. It offers a membership that grants you access to Disney’s vast movie library. It also comes with membership savings and exclusive access to the filmmaker’s latest releases. As a club member, you can take advantage of featured promotions and daily special deals.

One of the biggest highlights of having a Disney Movie Club membership is that you can purchase four movies for only $1. However, it is important to note a couple of key points. To fulfill your membership commitment, you have to buy five movies at full price within two years. You then become a VIP member with unlimited access to the movie library and exclusive merchandise. Since you will gain access to even more bonuses and bargains, this is not a bad trade-off.

Be Part Of Disney Movie Rewards

This customer loyalty program rewards you with points for purchasing digital Disney movies, music, and movie tickets. Once you make a purchase, you get a code that you enter into your online account for the program. With the accumulated points you earn from this code, you are able to redeem great rewards such as collectibles, coupons and discounts, gift cards, branded merchandise, toys, and games, among others.

You can also occasionally get the codes for the reward program on Disney’s social media handles, as well as through random emails on your birthday and during the holidays.

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