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3 Types Of Healthcare Apps To Consider Developing In 2019

3 types of healthcare apps to consider developing in 2019

As the world of technology is growing, the mobile app industry is starting to get more and more popular. An industry that expressed a lot of interest is the healthcare one. Because investing in healthcare app development can prove very rewarding, we prepared a list with three app types that you should consider developing in 2019.

What Is A Healthcare App?

Health apps, regardless of their end purpose, are usually applications that are providing users with various health-related services. They are the result of technological developments and are illustrating the future of medical services and health in general.

Because of the increased flexibility of smartphone technology, these healthcare apps are usable from anywhere in the world, at any time, opening new doors for people from isolated areas. These apps can sometimes be paired with wearable devices to provide users with more accurate data and live statistics about their health situation.

The healthcare apps come in many variations, some allowing users to have better and more fulfilling lifestyles, while others can establish a better connection between the patient and the doctors. However, if you want to develop such apps, you should consider the following three types.

Lifestyle Apps

Thanks to the increased attention health has received lately, lifestyle apps that help you have a healthier life have become very popular. These apps are usually meant to help users accomplish specific health goals and keep track of their progress.

Personal coach and fitness apps are part of this category. They are perfect for keeping track of your health progress. They can help you measure how many calories you burnt in a workout, how much weight you have lost, or how much muscle you have gained.

This kind of healthcare apps can also provide you with workouts tailored to your goals, and health conditions. If you suffer from a specific condition, this kind of app could easily provide you with the perfect workout that will allow you to improve without putting your health at risk.

For better monitoring, these apps can also be paired up with various wearable devices to provide you with live data about your heartbeat, calories count and movement.

Tracking Apps

If lifestyle apps are meant to improve your life and your health, the tracking apps are very different, being able to save your life in certain situations. These tracking apps are of two main types, the ones that are tracking your health, and the ones that are tracking your medication, both being highly essential.

The medication tracking apps can help patients keep track of their pills and send reminders to make sure they are taking the right dosage each day. This could be very helpful if the patient has to take a larger number of different pills each day and might end up losing count. Moreover, if the patient suffers from severe conditions, the medication tracking app could represent a great source for mental support and certainty.

The health tracking apps can provide patients with information about their health conditions, and the development of their diseases. Paired with wearable devices that gather live data, and emergency features that can call for help if the conditions get out of control, health tracking apps could be life-saving.

Patient Portal Apps

Very different from both types mentioned above, even if patient portal apps cannot improve the user’s health, they can help the patient establish a better connection with the doctors.

This kind of apps usually offers a platform where both the patient and the doctors have access to past digital records and other health information. This can be very useful, diminishing the need for paper records and allowing assistants to save time by not having to search through medical records anymore. All of the information is stored on the app, and instantly accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, through the same kind of healthcare app, patients and doctors can have a direct and practical line of communication, without having to spend time talking on the phone. Making new appointments, canceling old ones, and interacting with the hospital staff members can be done directly through the app.


The mobile application industry and the world of healthcare apps are evolving quickly, providing app owners and users with new and exciting opportunities. Building a healthcare app can come with many benefits, the three app types mentioned above representing great ideas for developers.

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