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4 Questions To Ask When Interviewing A Support Team

questions to ask when interviewing a support team

Customer acquisition constitutes one of the most challenging and capital-intensive bits in all business operations. However, the success of any enterprise is majorly tagged on its customer retention rate, rather than customer acquisition capabilities.

According to various statistics, making your customers feel valued, thereby winning their loyalty, significantly boosts profitability. For instance, it is estimated that the probability of selling to a new customer varies between 60%-70%. Whereas that of selling to new prospects stands between 5%-20%. Not to forget is the positive words of mouth spread by satisfied customers, which publicly speaks volumes of your business to potential clients.

With the aforementioned facts, we can delineate the importance of deploying an excellent customer support team. The crew responsible for keeping your customers satisfied, consequently retaining their loyalty.

A few critical questions to pose when evaluating a prospective support team include:

Question 1: What does excellent customer support mean to you?

As an organization, there are various roles and beliefs you hold about customer support. Therefore, the team you interview for the position should be one that shares the same visions as your company.

Let the interviewee tell a story of what they believe constitute excellent customer support within your context of service. If possible, they should go ahead and cite examples of outstanding support services they have provided their customers before. Roles they played while on duty that they can proudly mention. Furthermore, the team should be able to tell how they will make your customers happy if given the chance to serve.

Question 2: Do you have examples of how you handled the most challenging problems reported on different products by customers?

There circumstances when customers get irrational. Situations when it’s difficult to fast troubleshoot a client’s problem due to miscommunication. To factor in are the worst circumstances whereby the support team is not sure on how to go about a technical problem reported by a client.

A good team can satisfactorily give solutions to issues they didn’t expect would arise in the course of their operations. Think twice about MSP providers who have had it smooth all along,

Question 3: How often do you train your personnel on new industrial-based skills?

If you are in search of the best computer support Bristol, you will undoubtedly consider a team that is up to date with the latest industrial demands. A customer support team eager to continually acquaint themselves with new skills can easily solve unexpected challenges they come across in the course of their duties.

Question 4: How flexible are you?

Dealing with different challenges from various clients demands good emotional intelligence on the support team’s part. There are situations where they might have to sacrifice and go beyond their stipulated working schedules to meet customer demands. There are also situations where the support crew has to decide what and what not to tell a client. Whatever situation arises, a good candidate will strive to come up with a win-win situation.

A good support team interview gets the interviewee telling their stories from practical experiences they have had in the line of duty. Therefore, aim at drawing conversations with the prospective candidates and understanding what they can offer.

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