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4 Technology Must-Haves To Make Your Home Safe

technology must haves to keep your home safe

There’s no shortage of options for technology to make your home safe. The trouble is that there are so many options that navigating them all and choosing the best ones for you can be overwhelming.

We’ve narrowed the options to these four must-haves to help you protect your home:

ADT Pulse Home Automation

With so many smart home appliances and accessories, it can get confusing having to control each one from its own app. ADT Pulse is a home automation system that puts everything in one place, streamlining your app usage to a single interface that allows you to control your all of your home automation products, like your security system, smoke alarms, thermostat, lighting and locks. ADT Pulse makes it easier than ever to incorporate all of the latest home automation technology into your life. It even works with Nest, so if you already have one, you don’t have to buy a new thermostat to use that feature with ADT Pulse.

Ring Video Doorbell

It’s not uncommon for burglars to ring your doorbell before breaking in. They do this to check and see if anyone is home. But with a video doorbell like Ring, you can always make it look like you are home, whether you are at the office, away on vacation or simply too lazy to get up from the couch. Ring allows you to answer the door and talk to the caller to create the appearance that you’re at home.

Burglars are also likely to be scared off by Ring because the motion-activated camera automatically records video of the person at the door, so you have clear evidence should a crime occur. Expecting a package delivery? With Ring you can see when the package arrives and you can even instruct the delivery person where to hide it so that it is out of plain sight until you arrive home.

C-Slide Webcam Cover

Your computer’s built-in webcam is a digital peephole and it can easily be hacked by malicious cyber criminals. From here hackers can glean personal information about you and even snap compromising photos and use them to extort you.

You can prevent all of this with a simple, low-tech solution: a webcam cover. C-Slide makes a slimline webcam cover that is designed to fully cover your webcam and easily slide away to reveal it when you need to use the webcam. It’s made from a thin but durable plastic so that it won’t hinder your laptop from closing properly.

Gogogate2 Smart Garage Door Opener

If you have a garage attached to your home, chances are that you use the garage door to enter your home more often than any other door. As such, special security considerations should be taken to ensure that your garage door is adequately protected when you aren’t at home. With the Gogogate2 smart garage door opener you can operate your garage door from your smartphone, no matter where you are. Have a friend stopping by to pick something up? Let them in through the garage door while you’re at the office with the touch of a button. You won’t ever have to worry about whether you closed the garage door. With the accompanying garage camera you’ll be able to see if the door is open or closed from the Gogogate companion app.

There is an abundance of smart home products out on the market right now. If you can’t decide which options are best for you start off investing in these tech options to help keep your home and family safe.

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