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5 Advantages Of Adapting Cloud Communication Platforms

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When enterprise based businesses are in search for a voice based solution, they’re frequently presented with a complete cloud communications solution. There are new cloud-based solutions introduced into the market and the demand for the same is rising based on the trends. Competitors in the sector come up with a wide array of new features and establish competitive pricing in order to get a larger piece of the pie. All these drama happening in the sector can sometimes blind us to the most important benefits of cloud communications platforms to enterprise businesses.

Let’s look at some of the most critical benefits, a cloud communications solution should bring to an enterprise business.

Platform Unity

Internal communications in any kind of organization, especially the mid-sized and large enterprise companies, comprises of more than just voice based communications. Video calling based solutions are increasingly integrated into the workflow of sales team interactions with potential customers, while text and instant messaging based solutions are also being increasingly used as tools for both communication within an organisation as well as customer support requirements. Only a very few cloud communications solutions offer businesses the capacity to tie in all these different applications under one manageable utility, making it a lot more easier for your IT staff to administer systems and employees of other teams to manage their customer as well as co-worker relationships.


One of the major strong point of cloud-based VoIP phone solutions is their “plug in anywhere” ability. The only setup that a user needs to do is to get a device authorized by the cloud voice system centralized account manager, this also improves the security of the system. Once that’s done, they will be able to connect via the internet and log into their calling portal from virtually anywhere on the globe. This helps teleworkers to use a similar system access and customer management capabilities like that of onsite employees, removing any discrepancies in the workflow of your employees


A complete cloud hosted communication solution, when it is managed by a third party service provider, features a centralized control center that will enable admins to make quick changes to the infrastructure. These adjustments might include provisions for new users as well as the ability to change settings, but it doesn’t matter what type of change, it can be accomplished in a short span of time, much faster than conventional PSTN infrastructure.


Most cloud solutions for your contact center are established based on a month-to-month service agreement, enabling organizations of various sizes to scale based on demand and pay based on their usage. This kind of a payment structure is in complete contrast to some of the privately owned PBX or data center tech, which demands a complete purchase of the required infrastructure in the first go. This kind of capital expenditures could be difficult to account for and usually lead to delay in production time and sometimes periods of under-utilization leads to lesser ROI.

Network Redundancy

If your most important customers are not able to contact you on demand, then sales drop and the business will be affected in the long run. Infrastructure failure like power outages and system malfunctions that happen in your premises will kill your company if your IT team or a service provider isn’t able to get you back online in time. With cloud based communications solutions, service providers establish safeguards that are set in place and are often established under a redundant network to make sure they achieve promised up-times and avoid service interruption.

I hope the benefits mentioned here will help you take a decision on moving your business into a cloud based communication platform. Let us know if you have any doubts and we will be glad to help you out. Do comment and share your suggestions.

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