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5 Apps To Protect The Mental Stability Of Children

5 apps to protect the mental stability of children

Whether we as parents accept it or not, in the current era, our children are more exposed to mental health issues than ever before. It can be because of the influence of the negative side of the web, the fact that kids are more knowledgeable today, the scale of their popularity on the internet, and a lot more.

And as you can see that most of these issues are related to the internet, there should be a limitation or a barrier in between the destructive web and your child. Fortunately, you can find solutions or counterattacks for every problem on the internet itself. And so mental health issues can be resolved with apps that promote positivity or advice you on how to block porn for a stable mindset for your child. Following are some essential and helpful apps to take advantage of on the internet.


Depression and anxiety are the leading mental health issues not only in adults but a cultivating number of adolescents as well. There can be many reasons, and sometimes they can be unidentifiable as well. Some kids get it genetically, and some develop due to peer pressure and such. Although taking your child to a professional is ideal in a situation that deters their well-being; however, there can be times of inaccessibility.

Pacifica is an app that provides means to channel help with depression and anxiety if there isn’t therapy or can be used alongside it. This app has features like mood monitors, health keep-up, relaxation exercises, and experimentation. All these features can collectively bring mindfulness in your child, along with self-care improvements, confidence, reassurance, stability, and courage to rid mental health issues.


In the world of the internet, there are numerous dangerous open sites for kids to channel negativity and develop mental health issues. On it, there are social outlets that induce anxiety and offensive content that create confusion and repulsion. Kids being exposed to the dark web where they can view anything from porn to violence and be prone to cyber bullying can be a direct host to mental stability issues and negative behavior.

A well-rounded app in terms of parental internet safety and physical tracking should be in the handset of every parent. You can download FamiSafe to obtain internet filtering, offensive website blocking, suspicious texting, or media sharing and also keep track of your kids.


While growing up, children don’t only need the right nutrition and care, but some of the most critical mental health requirements, including confidence, social activeness, self-esteem, love, creativity, and more. And you, as a parent, have the power to supply all these needs to your child. This doesn’t mean that you control all the activities of your child but let them be in charge of regulating their own mental health.

The app HappiMe is one that provides a place for kids to take out their negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Doing this allows them to practice handling their emotions and have the upper hand over depression and anxiety by switching positive from negative. It is an excellent way for children to clarify their feelings and thoughts and choose a better approach to any situation.

Three Good Things

For any human being, there is as much as three times negativity in the world than positivity. And more often than not, people tend to look at the bad things in life than the good ones. Depression and anxiety and other mental issues are mostly due to a person having a lot of pessimism or adverse thoughts in life.

Therefore, if your child suffers from low self-esteem, mood swings, and anger issues or is going through a rough phase in life, helping them find happiness is an important thing to do. Three Good Things – A happiness journal is an app that offers an easy interface for tallying the good things that happen each day in your kid’s life. This practice has been science-backed for increasing happiness and good vibes in every individual’s life and consistent mental health.


This is the leading app a large number of people on the internet are using to battle depression and anxiety due to its easy interface and relaxing techniques. Calm is an app for both adults and kids, and as the name suggests, it helps individuals calm down and relax their mind as a prodigious strategy to battle depression. It has breathing programs, meditating techniques, relaxing music, and sleep improvement features to help relieve the mind of stress and induce relaxation and peace.

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