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5 Benefits Of Purchasing The Best Earbuds For Your Motorcycle Helmet

the best earbuds for your motorcycle helmet

Being a motorcycle enthusiast, you would know that it is important to have the best earbuds for your long road trips. Most riders would settle for anything as long as it works but for the truly passionate ones, they would go for the best. When you hit the road, that is the time that you will realize the huge difference between a normal earbud to the finest ones. You will be able to determine their gaps when it comes to the sound quality and the comfortability on your helmet. You may think that it doesn’t matter but there are benefits in choosing the best earbuds for your strolling or road trip needs. Here are some perks as to why buying the best earbuds will complete your road trip experience.


Comfort is the number one priority as a rider. You cannot drive long hours when your earbuds are always distracting you. Picking the wrong type of earbud can greatly affect your riding performance. Try to choose earbuds that are built specifically for motorcycle helmets and has a specific design which will sit comfortably in your ears and will not irritate it, unlike the other generic and general standard models.


If you settle for the common earbuds which you can buy anywhere, chances are, you will be wasting your money. One thing that an earbud for motorcycle helmets must have is – durability. It must be able to endure your countless tugging when you reach for your MP3 or phone or when you accidentally drop it or get it slightly wet. Remember that you will be riding in different kinds of environment, thus, your earbuds must specifically be designed to endure the harsh conditions it encounters when you are on the road. It is better to spend a lot of money once rather than spending a few for two or three times.

Sound Quality

When you are riding your motorcycle at top speed, all you can hear is the rev of your engine. If you’ll use a common earbud you will still hear the engine instead of the music you are playing, but if you choose the best quality of earbud you will realize their huge difference. The sound quality of the high-quality earbuds will be very clear to your ears. It can drown out the noise outside thanks to its wide soundstage and noise canceling features. You don’t have to listen to your noisy engine for hours when you can just focus on your soundtrack. The best earbuds for motorcycle helmets will produce the best sound quality.

Has A Better Total Harmonic Distortion

If you like to play your music at high volumes then choosing high-quality earbuds will satisfy your needs. THD shows the level of distortion when you play music at high volumes. Remember those headsets you have that once you play them at maximum volume, the music tend to break or you hear a static? That means your headset cannot vibrate fast enough to produce the sound thus making distortions. By purchasing the best earbuds, you won’t have these problems. The best quality of earbuds is built to withstand loud volumes to satisfy the user and provide a better riding experience.

Lower Impedance

Impedance is a measure of electrical resistance. Basically, the higher the impedance the more power it needs to drive the headphones. The beauty about the best earbuds is that they have lower impedance. It means that no matter how long you will play your tunes, your battery won’t be drained easily. Lower Impedance earbuds are the best companions when it comes to long road trips.

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