5 Cheap Ways To Promote Your Blog

5 cheap ways to promote your blog

Running a blog is an excellent opportunity to reach out and tell your story. It can bring lots of benefits to everyone. For an individual, it is an excellent way to share thoughts and find same-minded people. And for a business, it is a powerful tool for attracting more customers and promoting your product or brand. However, what does it take to create a successful blog?

Well, creating the blog itself, adding a personal touch to its design, and creating the first post are significant steps. However, your work doesn’t stop there! A successful blog requires promotion. Thus, once you are done with the necessary steps, you should never lean back and wait for your audience to find you. High traffic doesn’t appear by chance. This means that you have to get out there and spread the word about your posts and that’s where the real work starts!

How To Promote A Blog?

In fact, there is lots of hard work behind every popular post. It takes research, targeting, analysis of the popular keywords, and many other pitfalls. Same way, the promotion also takes lots of work. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You can always hire a professional and entrust him to manage the whole process. However, if you want to learn how to do this yourself, this post will definitely come in handy!

There are tons of techniques for promotion. Each of them has its purpose. However, in this article, we have gathered the top five tips to help you promote your blog quickly and, most importantly, cheap! Let’s start!

Create Excellent Content

It all starts with the content! If your content is bad, then no promotional tactic can help you. Thus, we recommend you to begin with polishing what you have.

Find a great writer or start writing yourself. Always conduct keyword research on the relevant topic. Also, don’t forget to apply the basic SEO techniques to get a higher rank in Google.

Remember, as long as you provide relevant and engaging content with, at least, a bit of SEO, you will have high ranks, and your audience will quickly find you.

Guest Posts

Writing guest posts for popular blogs is a good way to promote specific posts of yours. Usually, sites that accept guest articles allow you to include a few links to your website within the text. Thus, the audience of those popular pages sees the links to your articles. This way you get more traffic.

Email Marketing

Email is what we all use on a daily basis. Thus, email marketing is quite useful in terms of promotion. Use it to find even more readers!

Tip: one of the essential elements of a successful marketing campaign is a professional email signature design! Unfortunately, not many know about the huge benefits a good email signature can give. It has several main tasks in your emails:

  • Present you and your business;
  • Give the necessary contact details;
  • Attract customers to your website, blog, and social channels!

A great signature helps increase traffic and leaves a lasting impression about you. Thus, it is another good way to promote your blog.

Boost Your Social Presence

Everyone uses social networks. Some people love Instagram, others like sharing and reading short notes on Twitter, others prefer good old Facebook, and here is the main idea, all of your audience is somewhere out there. Thus, the more active you get on social networks, the more chances of being noticed you have!

Social media marketing has many benefits and, most importantly, it doesn’t require huge investments. All you need is to define your target audience, study their preferences and interests, and get active on social networks, providing engaging content. When your audience grows, you will see the natural growth of traffic on your blog!

Use Paid Ads

There are no reasons to argue the effectiveness of Google’s paid ads. They always work! However, sometimes they can be quite pricey. What to do in this case? Look for discounts!

Of course, using paid ads can’t be called a cheap way to promote a blog. However, if you use special coupons and discounts, this can be quite affordable.


Remember that whenever you create a publication, it is just the beginning of your way to success! Thus, every post you create should be promoted. Only in this case you can reach the maximum visibility and attract lots of traffic.

Use the tips and techniques mentioned above. Also, do not be afraid of experiments and always try new ways of attracting your audience. If you do this, you will definitely reach your goals!

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