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5 Cool Nerf Gadgets That You Should Know About

5 cool nerf gadgets

If you are a fan of toy guns, Nerf is probably your favorite manufacturer. A contender for the best manufacturer in the toy guns section, Nerf gadgets are best sellers in all major retailers. The company’s 100-round foam gun took the world by storm last year. With an auto-ball blaster of one hundred balls, you can take gaming to freakishly enjoyable levels.

Nerf sells different gadgets. If you would love to buy one of the guns for your kids or your friends, gear up to be impressed by Nerf’s top 5 gadgets.

Nerf Prometheus MXVIII

Loaded with 200 rounds in an auto-blast style gun, the Prometheus is a gadget designed for pure joy. Like many Nerf models, the MXVIII fires spherically shaped yellow colored foam balls. But unlike most gadgets, the devices fires at speeds of 70mph.

The Prometheus is designed for speed and precision. Its acceleration system loads eight balls per second to the bull’s eye, much faster than its rivals. If you’ve used Nerf gadgets before, you know you get exactly what they promise. Speed tests for the MXVII deliver a maximum of 5.5 rounds per second or 36 seconds for all 200 rounds.

Unlike the Nemesis model by Nerf, Prometheus’ battery is non-removable. You can only charge it via a wall charger. Of course, with the exceptional features comes a hefty price. It costs $169 on Amazon, but it’s the best thing you will get for high-velocity shooting.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Centurion

The N-Strike is one of the largest gadgets in all of Nerf gun series. It’s designed to fire large darts that whistle in the air before landing on targets. While it doesn’t have the speeds of Prometheus, it’s meant for use as a sniper gun. You can shoot long-range targets, as far as 100 feet.

The gun comes with a bipod stand for stability. The N-Strike is a battery-free gun. It uses darts instead of foam balls, all which can be reusable. Because of its heavy weight (4.75 pounds) and huge size, the N-Strike is not appropriate for young kids.

Although huge and scary, the Mega Centurion may be a letdown to kids who thrill at firing foam balls continuously. It holds a maximum of six mega darts. Its magazine is large and unique, meaning you may not find a spare anywhere. Buy the gun for pre-teens and above. But if you love the design, find a review of the Nerf Zombie strike in this Nerf scope guide. It is shorter and lighter and fires in a similar manner as the Centurion.

Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Break IX-2

Hasbro Break IX 2 takes the looks of a real shotgun. It comes with two barrels for double firing power, a pack of whistle darts and an ammo rack. The gadget comes in a relatively small box, easily strapped open. Although it’s just a toy, the Break IX blaster has the weight and feel of a gun. Size-wise, the model is medium-sized and not longer than 30 inches.

Like many of its modern rivals, the N-Strike model packs exceptional performance in it. You can fire eight rounds in just a few seconds, each time shooting a distance of 50 feet or more. Although it’s a barrel gun, you can fire single rounds by pressing the trigger half-way.

On the downside, the Break IX-2 is a manual gun. The gadget is only as fast as your ability to reload it. You must also use two hands for reloading, which could be inconvenient when playing. Despite that, it’s a great game, highly rated by its users.

Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster

A 24-dart blaster packed in four 6-short cylinders; you are ready to defend the world from zombies with the Doominator. Made for convenience and precision, the Zombie Strike model is lightweight and easy to use. It is plastic made, which makes it comfortable to hold for kids of all ages.

Instead of a battery like some of the modern Zombie strike designs, the dominator blaster depends on spring action. The gun is loaded like all other Nerf-made revolvers. However, you must remove the knuckleduster lever to access the cylinders.

Since it’s designed for firing slow-moving zombies, the model isn’t speedy. The precision may not be accurate at all times. But you can shoot a slow-moving target from a range of 50 feet. On maximum, the gun’s darts reach 65 feet, which isn’t bad for a spring-powered gadget.

Add the low-price and you should get convinced to buy it for someone who dreams about shooting zombies. The toy costs between $40 and $60 on large retail shops. You can also find old models at lower prices, but you may have to invest in some repairs.

Nerf N-Strike Alpha Trooper CS-18

Nerf’s N-Strike series is their best performing range of toys. The Alpha Trooper pays close resemblance to the CS-6 but not so much to the CS-35. What makes the CS-18 model unique is its fleet of customizable features. Like the CS-6, you can break down the Alpha Trooper and configure it to your liking.

The Alpha Trooper is an improvement of many N-Strike models before it. As such, it’s easier to use, fires faster and longer. The shooting range is also impressive. The gun takes a stylish, rifle-style design. Its dart clip is transparent but can hold up to 18 darts. Although battery-powered, the gun is conveniently lightweight. The gun is designed to be held on both hands. A ten-year-old can hold the gun and short all 18 rounds without feeling fatigued.

The N-Strike model fires darts in short bursts or single shorts to your convenience. In tests done about its firing distance range, the toy peaks at 75-feet maximum. The dart’s maximum flying speed is 68 feet per second. While not the most elite features, the Alpha Trooper is a model worth buying.

Hasbro is one of the best manufacturers of out-door toy guns for all ages. Their latest gadgets are power-hungry, packed with strong springs that fire foam balls or darts at high speeds. If your kids love playing outdoors, consider checking out Nerf’s latest gadgets for them.

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