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5 Facts About ACs That You Need To Know

5 facts about acs that you need to know

It’s cliché but true that air conditioners are cool. Anyone living in a hot climate country would probably not be able to live in it without AC. In fact, hot climate areas in the States such as, Vegas, Florida and Texas increased in population when air conditioning was introduced to the public making these areas and others easier to live in.

ACs have a basic operating system similar to a fridge, but here’s 5 more facts about this much appreciated machinery that can be found in nearly every home, worldwide.

Conditions The Air

Despite the clarity in the words air conditioning, most people think that ACs only cool the air. But while they do that, they also remove humidity, which is a must in humid, muggy climates. To condition air we not only lower its temperature but lower its humidity as well, to create conditions that individuals consider comfortable. A direct outcome of cooler and conditioned air is less mold growth, which leads us to our next fact.

ACs Help With Allergies

One cause of allergies is mold growth. With less humidity, mold is less likely to form and grow. Alongside of that, an AC can filter out various air particulars which can trigger an allergy. With cleaner air inside your home, you can breathe easier and less prone to certain allergies.

Clean Filters Reduces Wasted Energy

Air filters catch dust, debris and other particles while letting air pass through them. Filters are like sieves, and when they become dirty and dusty, the AC has to work harder to create cool air. With clean filters you can save up to 10% on energy, which is needed to help our wallets and the planet. Filters come in different sizes and 12x12x1 filters are one of the more common sizes available.

Filters Need To Be Changed Every Couple Of Months

Too many people believe that filters only need to be changed once or twice a year. That is not enough times as air filters start to get clogged. This clogging can actually turn cool air into warm air, which is definitely not what you want. Besides that, filters are relatively inexpensive components of an AC that will protect your AC that is worth a lot more. So it’s important to follow the suggested recommendations by the filter manufacturer on when to change filters.

Location Of The AC Matters

AC are of two types: central and room conditioners such as a split unit. For split units, one location in the room can differ a lot than another location within the same room. You should keep your AC away from bright lights, any heating pipes, or sunshine. You might not receive the best cooling your AC can give you when put in the wrong location.

When properly maintained, an AC will provide you many years of a comfortable environment inside the home, office, or any other indoor place. Studies have shown that heat makes us tired and grumpy. That’s just one more thing the world needs less of. With our ACs running smoothly, we can all chill.

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