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5 High-Tech Gadgets For Musicians And Music Lovers

5 high tech gadgets for musicians and music lovers

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Technology has played an enormous role in influencing the way we make, share and listen to music. Entire genres of music have been born because of technology, and we’re in the age where you can produce and record a full song on your phone.

Below are five gadgets that musician and music lovers would probably appreciate.

SubPac S2

Ever wondered what it’s like to sit next to a club’s sub-woofer and feel the bass pulsing through your body?

The SubPac S2 sort of replicates that experience. You just strap it to your seat; connect an audio source via a 3.5mm aux cable or Bluetooth, and let the music play.

Instead of playing back sound the SubPac makes vibrations, thereby allowing you to feel the music from the comfort of your seat.

This can be an excellent tool for musicians to monitor how their music translates on sub-heavy systems. It’s also great for drummers, and music lovers who are all about that bass.

Roli Songmaker Kit

If you love making music on the go, then the Roli Songmaker kit might be for you. It’s a portable music studio consisting of and software.

The hardware consists of the Lightpad Block M, Seaboard controller and two controllers which fit together nicely to form what looks like a single unit.

Ableton Live Lite, Tracktion Waveform DAW, Strobe2 Player and Roli’s own Equator synthesizer are the software tools bundled in the package. You can also make music on your phone with the Songmaker kit by downloading the NOISE app.

What stands out most about the Roli Songmaker is its unique approach to making music which in itself can spark creativity.

Sony ZX770BN Noise Cancelling Headphones

Environmental noise often affects the music consumption experience. Having a pair of noise-canceling headphones is a good solution to this problem.

The Sony ZX770BN headphones are a great option. They connect to your device via Bluetooth and can last up to an impressive 15 hours on a single charge.

They also have a built-in microphone so you can make and receive calls without having to take off the headphones. The headband is easily adjustable, and the ear cups are soft, resulting in a comfortable pair of headphones.

Reloop Mixtour Portable Cross-Platform DJ Controller

The Reloop Mixtour is a portable DJ controller which works especially great for hobbyist DJs. It’s tightly integrated with the Algoriddim DJing app and offers various controls such as playback, cue, sync, etc.

The robust build quality adds to the overall polish of the device. The unit can also control other popular DJing software such as Virtual DJ and Tracktor.

The best thing about the Mixtour is that it works on all the popular platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Focusrite iTrack Dock

Another gadget that can help you make music while you’re away from your primary studio setup is the Focusrite iTrack dock. The dock turns your iPad into a mobile recording studio.

It has two XLR inputs, two ¾ line inputs, one instrument input, a USB MIDI port, and monitor outputs. It also has phantom power so you can hook up a professional grade condenser microphone for high-quality audio recording.

The dock is powered by a 12V DC adapter which comes in the package. As long as your iPad has a lighting port, you’re good to go.

The dock charges your tablet when it’s connected, so there’s no risk of the battery dying out while you’re in the middle of a recording session.

The iTrack is also convenient for recording podcasts. So instead of having guests come to you, you can carry your studio to them and record your podcast from anywhere.

Most of the gadgets mentioned above are mobile. That’s because everything is going that direction. The gap between portable and non-portable devices is quickly closing.

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