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5 Legal Streaming Sites To Watch Movies

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Movies are a great source of entertainment, but for so long, we’ve had to watch them by waiting for the release on the big screen. Nowadays, with the world going digital, watching movies online is not rocket science.

Here are 5 simple free movie websites that allow you to watch as well as download movies for free. So let’s have a look at these sites.


A venture by Screen Media, PopcornFlix is one of the most preferred streaming sites for watching Movies. The reason being its wide collection of media content which is gathered from the various Public domain as well as having original content. Without letting you charge a single dime, Popcornflix is compatible with all major platforms like IOS, Android, Windows etc and let you watch movies on every device be it your phone, laptop or Tv sets.

You can choose to watch movies from categories like Thriller, Romance, Comedy, drama, action, and lot more. In fact, various TV shows can be watched on it for free. As Screen Media Ventures is backed by National Geographic, you can watch the National Geographic series as well.

Movies Found Online

Holding a large database of Movies to be watched online, Movies Found Online has organized movie collection, along with stand-up comedy shows and original content. It curates media content from around the web which let you access them category wise.  The website boasts of great content which is not easily available on different movie streaming sites.

As the movies on the websites are mostly from Public domains, if there are any copyright or plagiarism issues, the websites remains on its foot to delete that media so that it does not come under the infringement activity.


A well-known Movie streaming site in India, Hotstar have a plethora of TV shows and movies to watch for free. Right from Hindi films to Hollywood films, Hotstar even allows you to watch regional films like Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil etc.  The live sports feature updated by Hotstar is a hit among fans. The easy to use interface of Hotstar make it more preferable among the users.

The legal way to watch movies, Hotstar does provide its users High-quality video option to choose from to view and download. For unlimited movie watching, you can become a premium member of Hotstar via Monthly subscription which is economical.


Considered to be an ocean of watching free movies online, TubiTv is one streaming site providing users to watch movies from all genres. With a minimum of ads and user-friendly interface, TubiTv has been quite in demand and popular all over the world. The platform makes sure to update their movie collection frequently so that you do not have to go to the multiplexes and spend money to watch new movies from all over the world.

The website does not take much time to stream in normal data or Wi-Fi usage and consumption are comparatively low even in high-quality videos. For free movie content and great collection, TubiTv serves the purpose.


Getting the thumbnail of movies on the home page makes it even more exciting to watch new movies. SnagFilms does the same listing them under various categories. There are around 34 movie genres and categories from where you can watch movies. Great Collection indeed! Even Nature and Animal loving movies make a part of their collection. Almost every device supports  SnagFilms that means you can watch movies on your Phone, PC or even on Television.

With great UI design and responsive web page, SnagFilms never forgets to make updates in their movie collection. You can download the movies to watch them at a later period as well. A legal website to watch movies, do check out their awesome media content!

Bottom Line

Fine tuning the best streaming websites for movies, we have come up with the best 5 which are free and legal too.  Almost all of these websites have latest and classic movie collection with not much of ads to break the flow.

All of these websites have become very popular among the users due to its media catalog and accessibility. What are you waiting for? Go download any of these and enjoy your movies absolutely free!

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