5 Mobile Gaming Trends That Will Shape 2022 And Beyond

5 mobile gaming trends that will shape 2022 and beyond

The gaming industry has evolved from teenage kids playing Fortnite in their mother’s basement to pro gamers building their careers on gaming. In today’s gaming world, users prefer high-octane games that are readily accessible on their mobile phones.

Increased prevalence of internet speeds and smartphone penetration worldwide is largely the supporting framework for mobile gaming success. The market statistics show that we are only scratching the surface despite the tremendous advancement in mobile gaming. Newzoo predicts mobile games will generate more than $100 billion in revenue in 2023. To be a beneficiary, the Betway app is a perfect example of what you should try and the game-changing advancements within the gaming industry.

To ensure you dominate the mobile gaming industry, we have pieced together a review of the five mobile gaming trends you can capitalize on and enhance the mobile gaming experience from the novice to the elite gamer. The gaming market continually shifts, and it is wise to always be in the know.

NFTS In Gaming

You must be living under a rock if you don’t know NFTs. The Non-fungible tokens are the latest frenzy in Blockchain technology. Initially, many analysts called NFTs a “bubble or a fad.” They had to eat their words when Beeple’s tokenized art sold for $69 million.

The mobile gaming world recognizes the trend, and most play-to-earn (P2E) games have already incorporated NFTs into their ecosystems. NFTs differ from microtransactions in gaming. With increased interoperability, the distinctive feature is that you can transfer your NFTs to different games. Also, an NFT is not tied to your account, but rather you own the digital certificate if it.

Think of having a particular skin on PUBG. You would own it forever until you decide to sell it. You can move the skin to other games where an external Blockchain will verify the ownership. Wouldn’t it be cool to own unique skin or gun that you can use on different games?

More Spectatorship In Gaming

Without a shadow of a doubt, eSports have revolutionized competitive mobile gaming. Today we thrive on beating our peers at FIFA, PUBG, call of duty, and other mobile games. We wager on the best eSports players on the fantasy games and cheer on our mates.

This year is set to increase spectatorship due to the diversity of gaming offerings. Online streaming platforms like twitch record hundreds of thousands of traffic for the top streamers. A study by Limelight shows 71% of millennials spend at least 6 hours a week watching video games and game-related contests.

Mobile games that replicate land-based games will have a larger market share of the spectator traffic.

Mobile Gaming As A Social Tool

Many gamers admitted to linking up on mobile games throughout the last years to meet their social interaction needs. The social element in gaming cannot be overlooked in 2022.

Almost all top-grossing games have at least one social feature. Users crave real-time responses and communication from their peers while gaming. It is common for mobile gamers to connect their phones via Discord and also form clans like in Call of Duty.

Game developers that harness the power of social connectivity in gaming stand to attract and retain many gamers. As the world adapts to a physical social gap, the online mobile gaming platform will have to step up to meet our social interaction needs.

AR & VR On Your Smartphone

Tech giant firms such as Google and Samsung accelerate their efforts to provide smartphone-compatible VR and AR devices. It hasn’t been smooth sailing from the get-go as Pokémon Go missed their try at AR. However, the need to match the real environment with in-game characters and surroundings is endearing.

With increased 5G technology and top-line cores that process the data-intensive VR and AR features, the immersive experience will be the industry standard for mobile gaming. First-person shooter games and eSports stand to benefit the most from virtual and augmented reality integration to mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming may take some time to provide the whole immersive gaming experience like console gaming. However, the growth rate is still mind-boggling. A VNYZ research report shows the AR and VR market in gaming is expected to generate revenue to the tune of $22.1 billion by 2025.

Cadre-Specific Monetization Strategies

In-game purchases and ads account for a larger share of the gaming revenue. However, players usually point out the inconveniences of ads in their gaming experience. Game developers who recognize player-specific ad preferences and spending patterns can tailor their monetization tactics to improve the users’ experience and maintain or improve their revenue score.


Mobile gaming is an industry that isn’t short of innovation. With new technologies coming into play and heightened gaming experiences, gamers are set to benefit from these trends.

The trends herein pave the way for more trends shaping mobile gaming in 2022. We will be at the forefront to keep you up to speed on the latest impactful trends in the booming mobile gaming industry.

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