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5 Online Services To Add Security To Your Business + FREE Coupon Codes

keep your business safe with these antivirus security tools

It’s a new month, and I’m sure you have made some resolutions already. Maybe, you plan to hit the gym and tone your muscles or curves, or even yield more profits in your business. Here’s one more resolution you ought to have resolved, the installation of an antivirus. An antivirus is of prime importance to you as it provides an additional layer of security, and shields you from hackers who have evil intentions such as to draining all the cash in your bank account.

Not certain about which antivirus is fit for you? Well, don’t worry we got your back. Below we have featured some of the most reputable anti-virus programs available and their current promotional offers to help save you some money on your order.

1- McAfee

When you subscribe to McAfee antivirus, you will not only be able to install the security software on your windows but also on any of your Android, iOS, and macOS device. Some of the McAfee protection suites you can subscribe to include:

  • The panda protection advanced security package which protects your windows and android gadgets at $34.99 annually.
  • The panda protection complete with more features at $74.99 annually.
  • The total defense unlimited internet security which will enable you to protect your Android, Macs, and PCs at $99.99.

McAfee Coupon: 60% off McAfee Antivirus Plus.

2- Webroot Software

If you are tired of products that take forever to install, then Webroot software will be a perfect antivirus for you. Webroot software takes the least time to install and is also super convenient and affordable. An annual subscription from Webroot costs less than $40. For a three-license subscription, you will be charged $10 more; you can use these licenses on both your PCs and Macs.

Webroot Software Coupon: $60 off on Webroot Secure Anywhere Small Business Antivirus.

3- Trend Micro

If you are looking for an antivirus that can protect you from spam and malware, then you should try Trend Micro. With Trend Micro, you will get a bonus spam filter which has been found to be very accurate- It marks up links from social media and search results as well.  For you to protect one PC annually, you will be charged $39.95. If you want to protect more computers, then you would have to upgrade to Trend Micro Internet security that will enable you to protect up to 3 PCs- this will set you back $79.95 annually.

Trend Micro Coupon: 15% off with code TREND15.

4- Norton By Symantec USA

This is a new technology that will handle any corrupted files. The Norton installer remediates multiple potential problems making it effective in blocking malware attacks, malicious URL blocking, and exploit blocking. Norton has been found to have great malware clear out scores. This PC specific antivirus will cost you $49.95 annually.

Norton by Symantec USA Coupon: Save up to 55% on security suite products.

5- Bull Guard

The Bull Guard antivirus is a super simple user-friendly product that offers you real-time protection from viruses, malicious URL blocking and a customizable and reliable spam filter. To protect one computer for one year, you will be charged $31. You could also get a one computer license for six months ($21) or even three years ($63).

Bull Guard Coupon: 70% off Bull Guard internet security.

All the websites that we featured above change their offers on a regular basis.

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