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A 5-Step Guide To Teaching People About Tech

Got a granny who can’t seem to grasp how to use her iPad? Or do you cringe when a colleague accidentally blocks the software on your work’s computer? There are many ways people are tripped up by technology. Mainly, it’s because they didn’t grow up with it. And, secondly, it’s because they just don’t know where to start learning about it. If you have someone who you want to show the IT ropes to, fear not! Here is our five-step guide to helping them become tech savvy.

Sign Them Up For A Class

There are now many classes at evening schools throughout the country that focus on IT skills. The times are ideal for people to fit the classes in after work. And there are varying lengths of courses as well. Some may only last for a few weeks while other are as long as the school year. At the end of the course, all the students will receive a certificate to show that they have completed the tech course.

Create Prompts

Is there a certain software program or computer method that your friend or relative struggles with? Then you should create prompts for them. These can take any shape and form. You can either write down a bullet point list of instructions. Or how about drawing some diagrams? Whatever type of prompts you make, think about consolidating them into an Alpha Card.

Get Them To Teach Others

One of the best ways to learn a technique is to try and teach it to someone else. So ask your friend or relative to explain about the issue that they have been having trouble with to someone else. Ideally, try and find someone who doesn’t have a clue about the topic. So for example, when it comes to sending an email, open your browser. And then get your friend to talk through the steps with someone else. Teaching them these steps will help cement the method in your tutee’s mind.

Build Up The Steps

If your friend or relative is finding it difficult, no matter how hard you are trying, break it down into very simple steps. Go through each step one by one. It can be worth focusing on the first step and only moving onto the second once they have grasped the first one. This allows you to slowly build up the entire process at a rate that they are able to follow and understand.


Once your friend or relative have got to grips with this tricky subject, you can’t just leave it there! IT isn’t like riding a bike; there is a good chance that they will forget what you have taught them! Especially if they don’t use technology as often as you do. So be sure to keep recapping with them. This way, they will remember everything you have taught them for much longer.

The main thing to remember when trying to teach someone technology is to be very patient. It may not be as easy for them as it was for you.

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