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5 Steps To Creating Great Business Storefront Signs

5 steps to creating great business storefront signs

The signage on your storefront creates the first and everlasting impression on people when they come across your business. This signage can either drive them to enter into your store or push them away completely. It’s therefore important to have an excellent storefront sign.

To help you get one, here are the 5 steps to creating great business storefront signs:

Know The Regulations Concerning Storefront Signage

Regulations regarding storefront signage vary from state to state. It’s important that you first understand the rules relating to storefront signage that have been set in place so that your final storefront sign doesn’t violate the law in any way.

Regulations may cover factors such as color and illumination, size, nature of artwork used, and the content displayed. A good approach would be to work with a professional signage company that’s well versed with all the rules and regulations that have been set in place.

Define The Contents You Want On The Sign

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the regulations governing storefront signage within your locality, the second step will be to define the content that you want to have on the sign. The two main things you want on it are your business name and logo.

Your storefront sign should not be overloaded with excess details. It should simply serve to identify your business. Color and size should also be defined at this point in time.

Get A Signage Company To Provide Quotes And A Sample Design

The third step is to source a professional company with good signage experience to help you in designing the signage. Their main role in this step will be to view your store either physically or via a photo and then prepare a quote based on your requirements.

The quote will cover the cost of design, materials, fabrication process, and installation cost. They should also float to you ideas of how they think the sign should look like and provide you with samples of similar work they’ve done for their previous clients.

Final Design Preparation And Permit Application

Once you’re satisfied with the company that they are able to do the job and their prices are friendly to you, you can sign a contract with them and have them make the storefront design for you. They should send it to you in electronic form for review and once you’re satisfied with it, you can move on to apply for a permit for it.

It will be much safer for you to initiate the fabrication process once the permit for the sign has been approved. You may apply for the permit yourself or have the signage company do it for you depending on your contract terms of agreement.

Fabricate And Install The Sign

The signage company in the contract terms will have stated how long it will take for the fabrication to be done. The sign should go through this final creation step and once it’s done, they will have it installed on your storefront.


Those are the 5 most important steps to creating a great storefront sign for your business. A lot of emphasis is placed on the company that you choose to do the job for you. It is highly advised that you hire the best signage company.

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