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5 Ultra Niche Markets Where Startups Can Make A Killing

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So you hate your day job, and you want to quit. The thing is, you don’t want to end up in another dead-end job. In fact, you just don’t want to work for anyone ever again! Unless you win the lottery jackpot, you need to find a way to pay your bills each month.

One option that could work for you is to set up a new business! You could join the leagues of entrepreneurs creating new concerns each year. Of course, it makes sense to set up a business where you aren’t competing in a saturated marketplace.

The good news is there are several ultra niche markets where you could make a fortune! Want to know what they are? Here are five of the best ones for 2016. Just keep this list a secret between you and me, okay?

Ethical Children’s Clothing

When you’ve got a youngster in tow, you’ll usually get their clothing from local stores. The thing is, most children’s apparel aren’t ethically-sourced. They are items that get manufactured in questionable circumstances. Usually, that happens in a factory somewhere in the Far East.

An emerging ultra-niche market is ethical children’s clothing. You could make the clothes yourself with a team of people. Or, you could source the items from trusted local manufacturers.

One-Off Metal Fabrication

Most metalworking firms will only talk to you if you meet their minimum order quantities. There is a big gap in the market for a company to offer a service where individuals could get one-off items made. They are useful for people that wish to build prototypes of new ideas or inventions.

As it’ll be a small-scale operation, you won’t need much equipment. Aside from a welder, you’ll only need some Machitech CNC plasma tables. And, of course, some plasma cutters!

RV Conversion

The cost of buying an RV puts off many folks from enjoying an outdoors life. Even renting one can have a big impact on one’s wallet! However, the cost to convert a secondhand van into a motor-home is much cheaper!

You could offer an RV conversion service to folks that want to do that but don’t have the technical know-how.

Solar Energy Consultancy

More of us are having solar panels fitted to our roofs to create free electricity. The trouble is, a lot of consumers aren’t aware of the logistics of achieving such a goal. For instance, some people don’t realize solar panels must face a certain way.

A solar energy consultancy can offer a one-stop shop solution for consumers. They can help home and business owners determine the right solution for their needs. Plus, they can source the parts and hire engineers to install everything for the project.

Eco-Friendly Toys

Most children’s toys get made from plastic and seldom use any recycled materials. Many parents are actively seeking eco-friendly toys for their kids to play with. They wish to lower their carbon footprint in the world. And they want to offer their kids something different but fun from mainstream products.

You could set up a company that manufactures and sells eco-friendly toys. It’s a niche market that is set to skyrocket in the coming years. Get on board today to make sure you don’t miss out!

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