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5 Ways Tech Is Changing The Gas & Oil Industry

5 ways tech is changing the gas & oil industry

Gas and oil, our world depends on them, but they are finite resources. They will run out one day, and the consequences may well be catastrophic. It’s a concern for the future, of course, but oil and gas companies around the world are seeking out more efficient ways of finding their fuel. And, in many cases, they are using advances in technology to achieve their aims. Here are five ways tech is changing the gas and oil industry.

Exploration Techniques

Think back a hundred years or so ago, and the search for gas and oil was very much pot luck. Those that found it cleaned up in financial terms, of course. But, the past century has been hard on the world’s oil and gas resources. It’s only found in the deepest recesses of the earth these days, and it is expensive to drill down and get it out. It’s vital then, for oil and gas companies to invest in exploration, to ensure they are drilling in the right place. Modern radar and sonar techniques combined with geothermal imagery are helping them be a lot more accurate.


Because oil and gas are finite resources, any wastage costs a lot of money. And, technology is providing the solution. The weak, leaking pipes of yesteryear are long gone. These days, companies can use better quality metals and a high pressure shaft seal to make sure they don’t waste a drop. It all stems from the design and technology process – and even the smallest little component can have enormous effects.


At one point in time, oil rigs had hundreds of staff on board. These days, the numbers have dropped significantly – and they will continue to do so. More tasks are automated, and robotic, and drone technology is helping companies get to areas that they couldn’t reach before. Technology is giving productivity a boost, and companies are becoming more efficient as a result.


Inspecting pipes, working in flare stacks, being out at sea or underwater – they all are dangerous jobs. But, with robots doing the dirty work, there is a lot less harm to workers. On-site instruction is also getting better. There are now training programs that include full 3D simulations of dangerous areas. It means when workers do go underground or beneath the sea, it is as if they have already been there before.

Improving Communications

Oil and gas companies operate on a global scale, so communication is always vital. Modern technology has changed everything in the way teams and businesses can talk to one another. VoIP and instant messaging have also been a boon for the crews who are working in remote locations. They can get in touch with families back home with ease. And, it makes for a better quality of life for them while they are away from home for extended periods of time.

Technology is changing businesses of all kinds, in many distinct ways. But, the value it is bringing the oil and gas industries is perhaps the most important. With resources running out, it is an indispensable addition to ease the world’s fuel burden.

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