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6 Steps To Ensure That Your Customer Has A Good Experience On Your Website

ensure good customer experience on your website

Before you start e-commerce website development, it’s crucial that you understand how the user experience of your website can affect the number of people that will visit and use it. Along with this, you also have to think about how User Interface (UI) converts into User Experience (UX). If it’s difficult to look for products on your website, it will drive your customer away.

When you’re starting your business on your own with a low budget, it’s not easy affording a UX designer. That’s why we’ve got some great DIY tips for a good UI and UX for your website.

Conversion Rates

When we talk about conversion, it refers to how the user interface of your website phases into the user experience. The UI is just the design, look, and feel of your website. But a UX is a combination of different tasks that help create a good experience.

To ensure a good UX and UI, you have to think about factors like interaction design and overall layout of your website. You can’t get this right on the first try. But you don’t have to worry about that. After you launch your website, as you discover more degrees and angles to user experience, you can keep upgrading your website.

Know Your Audience

You should be aware of your customers before you launch your website. But this information isn’t enough to get user experience on your website right for your audience. You will have to understand what would drive your customers to visit your website.

If you feel stuck at any point, it’s a good idea to take a look at what your competition is doing. Once you get a better understanding of your audience, you can get suggestions and reviews from them on how to improve the UX of your website. Check also: geometry dash apk download.

Simplicity And Consistency

A great user experience is when you keep things simple. This doesn’t mean that you just throw buttons here and there with some animation on it to make it look pretty. Simplicity is what you should be aiming for when people use your website. If a customer is looking for something on your website, the interface should be as simple, so they find something without having to worry about how to search and where to find it.

Also, you have to maintain consistency in your UI on each page of your website. You can’t have one theme or process for one web page and then switch to another on another page. This makes your website look fragmented. This can break up the immersion factor of your website, which can be quite unaesthetic and confusing for your customers.

Visual Hierarchy

If you want your customer to focus on something important, make it more attractive. Another way of drawing attention to something is to use a bright shade in a contrasting background. In fact, anything that causes a difference in a repetitive visual pattern will instantly draw eyes towards itself.

Also, to ensure that you don’t clutter your web page with too much content and overwhelm your customer. Have a single column of data instead of several rows. Use a story to engage them when they read your content. All of this helps ensure that the customer is hooked onto your website, which can result in higher buy rates.

Color And Font

It’s easy to downplay the importance of colors and font in a good UX design. There is a science in knowing how to use the right colors to your advantage on your website. Keep a uniformity of colors in your website, people don’t want to see different colors arranged haphazardly.

Font also a plays a major role in setting up a visual hierarchy. Since each font has a personality of its own, your choice of font matters a lot in keeping your readers engaged. You can also use font and color in combination to produce a good interface.

Use a menu on one side and a dedicated color to highlight which page your customer is on. With this, you can give your customers a simple navigation process, which ensures that they’re never lost on your website.


You can always send information back to lead your customers in the right direction. Include some kind of animation when your page is loading. Tell your customer if something has gone wrong. Let them know that you’re looking into it and that you’ll get back to them shortly.

With several e-commerce website builders available, it isn’t that difficult to build a website. With pre-designed templates, all of these above criteria for a good UI and UX are already taken care of.

Some website builders, like Shopify provide additional benefits like hosting services, domain name finders, and a large collection of free to use templates.

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