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6 Tools For Website Usability Testing

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Finding the right website usability testing tool can be a little overwhelming. There are many options present in the market and you will have to put a great deal of effort into finding the right one. Moreover, new tools keep entering the market at regular intervals. It enhances the competition in the market significantly. It also becomes important to know about these new introductions in the market. Still, you should not worry much because this article will help you avoid all the difficulties present in this regard.

The Need For Website Usability Testing

Website usability testing is essential for the growth of any online business. That is so because it focuses on easing the operations of the website and helps the owner make the website better for the users. User experience, which is popularly termed as UX, plays a vital role in keeping the customers on the site.

If the visitor will have difficulty in navigating the site properly, he or she will refuse to stay on it for a duration. Some marketing agencies say that if the visitor will refuse to stay on the website for a significant duration, it is certain that he or she will not do the desired tasks. Such visitors begin avoiding the website too.

The following list of six best tools for website usability testing will help you improve your website. You can use all of them, one of them or some of them, depending on your requirements:

User Zoom

You will service from a team of UX experts. These User Experience experts will put a great deal of effort into optimizing your website and help you remove the vices of your website as well. They conduct extensive research as well. Prototype testing and web remote usability testing are just a few of their advanced services. Overall, they are a reputed brand in the current industry and have significant experience in the field. They also help in conducting tests and their analysis, so you do not need to worry about them.


This is one of the most detailed services present in this list. You will get heat map logs. This data represents the locations where your visitors click the most. You can use this data to understand your visitors’ likings and thus, develop a strategy accordingly. Apart from that, you also get to use Confetti. This helps you get knowledge about the search terms and other sources that lead visitors to your website. You will also gain knowledge about the extent your visitors scroll the page. By using these details, you can optimize your website and enhance the time visitors spend on the same. The best thing about Crazyegg is its cost. They have an affordable monthly subscription. However, you can get their 30-day trial.


They also provide heat maps along with exit surveys. Their plans begin at $49 a month which is a little expensive.


UserFeel provides the fastest results in this list. You will get video footage of the tester with commentary. They also offer mouse movement tracking.


You can test your mockups and other designs on users. You will gain insight on how your visitors interact and what kind of mistakes they make. You can use this tool before you introduce your website to the internet as well.

What Users Do

It is another online research platform. It also lets you test your various prototypes and assets. Overall, it is a great service as you can also contact their expert team.


Use any of these tools to enhance your UX and gain instant results. It is certain that you would not have problems using them.

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