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6 Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog Posts

earn money from your blog posts

Whenever someone talks about making money online, blogging is one of the first things that come to mind. There are many reasons why it is among the most reliable ways to generate a steady stream of income online. While there is no doubt about the income-generating power of blogging, most new and potential bloggers have been confused as to what methods they should be using to earn from their blog posts. Here are 6 ways you can earn through your blog posts.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the earliest and proven ways to earn through blog posts. If your blog generates decent amount of traffic, you are probably in a position  to start promoting other products and generate revenue through commissions. Affiliate marketing usually works on a commission basis. The more you can sell, the more income you can generate. In some niches, the commission rates can be quite high, in the 30% to 50% range.

It is recommended to choose products within your niche, but if your blog generates a large volume of traffic it will be worthwhile promoting products and services from other niches too. If you have excellent promotional skills and an interest in a niche, you can also build dedicated blogs for specific products or category of products.


Does your blog generate at least some traffic? If it does, you can also sell advertising space on your blog. It is similar to banner advertising on any other website. It is highly recommended to target those niches which are relevant to your blogging topic. So if your blog is about electronics or technology, it will be best to accept advertisements about electronics or other relevant industry products and services.

When the niches match, you are able to send highly targeted traffic to your advertisers. This means higher quality leads and higher conversion rates, thus helping you boost your earnings over time.

Review Products Or Services

Your earnings from your blog depend a lot on the traffic you are already generating. So it is recommended to make all attempts to boost your blog traffic. Another strategy to earn through your blog is to review other’s products or services.

Companies are always looking to generate positive and informative reviews about their products. If your blog has a large audience, many businesses will be pleased to pay you, to have their products reviewed on your blog. They seek product and brand exposure and in return you will get directly paid for the reviews.

Say your blog is on the WordPress platform, one thing you could review is WordPress Hosting. Not only would you be able to generate good amount of traffic by talking about different hosting services viz. WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting or Reseller Hosting.

This method is different from affiliate marketing, in affiliate marketing  you get paid every time you write a review. There is no need to generate a sale to get the commission paid.

Google AdSense

Whenever someone wants to generate income from content, Google AdSense is a commonly used tool. Again, it is important that your blog generates some minimum volume of traffic. Using this method is as simple as signing-up for an AdSense account and letting Google post relevant ads on your blog. Depending on the quality of traffic you generate, the earnings can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousand of dollars.

Teach Something

If you have some prowess in a field, you could also use your blog to provide teaching classes and generate income. You can create courses and charge people to join it. You could use tutorials, videos and podcasts to provide the classes. So if you are an expert in photography, you could create a three-week online course to help people become better photographers. You could use both textual and video content to teach your students. The web is full of information, so your content should be unique and exceptionally useful to your students.

You can also have free teaching guides of specific industry and utilize that to increase traffic to your blog. This is very well done by Neil Patel on his blog Quicksprout.

Sell Your Own Products

You could also earn from your blog by selling your own physical or digital products or services. You can always come up with some unique product ideas and a blog can be a good place to start promoting and selling them directly. It can include any kind of physical product, digital product such as software, games or apps, or even eBooks.

These are some of the most commonly used strategies for people to earn through their blogs. You can choose a method that blends perfectly with your interests and blog niche. If you have some new product in mind, you could also create a blog focused on it.

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