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6 Ways To Improve The Efficiency Of Your Air Conditioning System

how to improve your air conditioning efficiency

Air conditioning has become an essential item for many home owners. Depending on where you live, your air conditioning system might be of great help to you. You might even be thinking about upgrading it to the latest version with higher improved Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), but before you do that, there are many simple ways which you can get the best of your air conditioning system.

Change Filters Regularly

The first thing you can do to maintain your air conditioning unit is to change the filters. When filters become clogged with debris or dirt, it restricts smooth, and with improper air flow, it means that your system will be straining to achieve the desired room temperature. If clogged filters are not replaced, the evaporator coil will eventually become clogged thus resulting in an expensive coil cleaning service.

Use Pleated AC Filters

Unlike fiberglass filters, pleated filters trap much more of the dirt as well as dust circulating in the air. They are specifically designed to trap even the smallest airborne particles and allergens thus prevent them from flowing through your home. These filters will ensure that your equipment stays clean and also the safety of the air you breathe is guaranteed.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

The right ventilation is key to improving the air quality circulating in your home. Delta air conditioning in Berkshire says that if you live in an older house, air pollutants will most probably be more prevalent since the old building materials start to break down.

You can install attic fans and vents to help alleviate some of the contamination which might be present. If retrofitting your home is an alternative, you will need to remove any lead-based paint, asbestos, or older gas appliances that might be leaking minute traces of natural gas into your house. Regardless of the AC benefits you should do this anyway for the benefit of your health.

Also, consider the type of roofing. Dark colored roofing absorbs a lot of solar energy, which is then converted to heat in your attic as well as living space. If re-roofing is a choice, you should install white or some other light-colored shingles.

If you live in a mobile home, you can alternatively install a reflective white roof coating to cover the existing metal roof.

Clean The Outside Condenser

The condenser is equipment located outside the house usually in a split system. While cleaning, you should be extremely careful and also use low water pressure to avoid damaging the fins. It is advisable to have an expert perform this task the first time whilst you watch. Once you see how it’s done, it will be easy for you to repeat the process.

Also, you will need to keep bushes trimmed away from your air conditioning equipment. Do not plant shrubs or build fences next to the unit. These obstructions will restrict the smooth airflow over the condenser coil, thus lowering the efficiency of your system.

Maintaining a clean condenser is extremely important since you must have a good air flow for your air conditioning system to work effectively.

Protect From Direct Sunlight

Ensure that the outside condenser is under shade in the mid as well as late afternoon. By ensuring the condenser is in the shade, it will improve its efficiency much more since itself will be colder than its outer environment. The critical role played by the condenser is basically to cool the refrigerant inside the condenser coils.

If the outside system is not protected from direct sun especially in the afternoon, it is advisable that you plant some trees around your compound to provide the shade. Moreover, trees will help by ensuring a continual supply of clean and healthy air.

Besides, you should ensure that your house doesn’t allow the sun rays into the room especially through your south and west-facing windows. Since bare windows allow the sun to pour into your room. You can install curtains, sunscreens, or awnings over the windows that receive the most sun thus reducing the solar overheating.

Regularly Service Your AC System

Have your air conditioning system serviced on a yearly basis by a professional. If the system is low on refrigerant, it won’t cool properly. Thus, resulting in longer running duration which leads to unnecessary wear and tear on the unit as well as higher utility cost.

Ensuring proper AC system maintenance can help flag inefficiencies significantly before the warm season. Regular servicing can also help prolong your system’s lifespan, saving you some money which might be used on repair or replacement needs in the long run.

Remember, utilizing these simple, affordable maintenance tips can significantly help you get the best and most out of your equipment. Maintaining your cooling system will ensure that your AC unit will operate at its peak performance to provide you with many years of enjoyment.

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