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7 Best Courses To Learn Ethical Hacking

7 best courses to learn ethical hacking

In today’s world, where the internet has become a need for people across the globe, it has also caused many issues in terms of online security. The rapidly advancing technology has provided enough opportunities for online criminals to hack into any system or network. With each passing day, hackers are getting better and finding new ways to penetrate into networks and websites undetected.

This is why cybersecurity has become a trending topic across all the industries and sectors. Cyberattacks aimed at organizations are notorious to cause financial troubles, especially in small and middle-sized organizations. Also, most of the cyberattacks are aimed to steal valuable and sensitive information from an organization’s website or network. With the reports of hacking increasing every passing day, it has become important for the organizations to take measures to prevent these cyberattacks.

While there are many ways that can help you prevent a cyberattack on your website or network, the best of doing it is by hiring ethical hackers. This is the reason why most of the businesses are on the look for ethical hackers who can protect their network and website from any cyber threat.

Who Is An Ethical Hacker?

If you are unaware of who an ethical hacker is, worry not. Ethical hackers are individuals who use hacking techniques as cyber attackers to penetrate into a website or a network, but with an intention to find vulnerabilities and fix them. They are hired by the organizations and are provided with the permission to legally penetrate into a network or website to find the loopholes that the hackers with malicious intent can leverage. Once they find a loophole, they develop countermeasures to plug it and prevent any further exploitation.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Ethical Hacker?

  • Ethical hackers are mainly involved in scanning ports to look for vulnerabilities.
  • They check the patch settings and ensure that they cannot be misused by the hackers.
  • These professionals participate in social engineering concepts, which includes digging and diving in the bins to find passwords and others that might be used for an attack.
  • They penetrate into the wireless networks and other local networks to check for loopholes.
  • Ethical hackers are tasked with detecting intrusion and prevent other attacks.
  • Sometimes, they are also roped in to handle problems, like theft of laptops or online fraud cases.

Now that you know who ethical hackers are and what they do, chances are you are already considering a career in ethical hacking. If that’s the case, you might want to know the various ways that can help you get into the cybersecurity domain.

One of the best ways of getting into the cybersecurity domain and become an ethical hacker is by getting an ethical hacking certification. Here are some of the benefits of an ethical hacking certification:

  • It is proof that you are well-versed with the nuances of ethical hacking.
  • Certifications help you understand the risks and vulnerabilities that you might encounter on a daily basis.
  • The certifications will teach you network scanning, penetration testing, and other major ethical hacking procedures.
  • You learn the methods that can help you create countermeasures when any loophole is found.
  • Also, certified ethical hacking individuals are paid more than their counterparts.

Today, there are many certifications and certification courses provided by various education institutes and online certification providers. Here are the 7 best ethical hacking certifications that you can consider opting for, from the plethora of certifications available today.

Top Ethical Hacking Certifications

1- Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)

Certified Ethical Hacking or CEH certification is the most basic, popular and superlative certification program for aspiring ethical hackers. CEH provides you the basic skills that you would require to become an ethical hacker. It teaches you how to find vulnerabilities in systems and networks using the methods that malicious hackers use, but in a legal manner to evaluate the security posture of a system or network.

The CEH certification is a testament that an individual is certified in network security and is well-versed with the risks on a network. As a part of the certification, you will be exposed to a hands-on environment, which will encourage you to think like a hacker. Also, you will learn the skills that are required to become an ethical hacker, like port scanning, penetration testing, patch scanning, and others. All these factors make CEH the ideal certification for the beginners who want to start their career in ethical hacking.

2- Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification or the CISSP certification is said to be the gold standard in the field of information security. CISSP ensures that you are well-trained in all the aspects of IT security, including the IT architecture, management, controls, and design.

This is an ideal certification for people interested in getting into security positions in the IT sector. It enables you to define the design, architecture, and management of the security framework, which will help you master IT management and security.

3- CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ certification is one of the most trusted certification validating vendor-neutral IT security knowledge and skills. This certification covers all the important principles of risk management and network security as a benchmark for the best practices in IT security.

The certification ensures that you gain the essential skills required to configure and install systems to secure networks, devices, and applications. Also, it teaches you how to perform threat analysis, participate in risk mitigation, and operate with an awareness of applicable laws, policies, and regulations.

4- Certified Information Systems Auditor

The Certified Information Systems Auditor certification or the CISA certification provides you the skill set required to control and govern enterprise IT and perform effective security audits. The certification ensures that you are well-versed with the development, acquisition, implementation, and testing of the IT systems. It also helps you learn the standards, guidelines, and guidelines of protecting the IT systems.

5- GIAC Penetration Tester

The SANS GPEN or the SysAdmin, Networking, and Security GIAC Penetration Tester certification is one of the popular ethical hacking certifications available today. It focuses on the in-depth techniques that are required to verify, report, and scope. The certification ensures that you are well aware of the advanced password attacks, exploitation fundamentals, attacking password hashes, vulnerability scanning, pen-testing foundations, penetration testing using power shell and windows command line, web application attacks, and vulnerability scanning.

6- Offensive Security Certified Professional

The Offensive Security Certified Professional certificate or the OSCP certificate is a new certification, which has only been around for 10 years now. However, it has already grown n reputation as one of the toughest certifications for ethical hackers. OSCP certification exam includes both practical training and exam. The main focus of the certification is to teach students the precise and accurate understanding of the penetration testing process. OSCP certification also emphasizes on enabling its holders to generate and change exploit code, recognize vulnerabilities, and complete tasks on compromised systems.

7- Certified Penetration Testing Consultant

The CPTC certification is for individuals who are willing to take responsibility for securing the computers in an organization. This certification ensures that you are a master of in-depth penetration testing and auditing security controls that includes user and physical security. In short, you learn the business of penetration testing, through this certification.

who is an ethical hacker

We live in a day and age where cyber attacks can come in from any place at any time without any warning. These certifications will help you skill up with everything you need to stop these attacks from harming your organization or business. Also, the ever increasing demand for ethical hackers has ensured that there are ample opportunities for certified ethical hackers. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a certification that fits your needs the best and step into the exciting world of ethical hacking.

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