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7 Things Everyone Should Have On Their Smartphone

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Your smartphone contains a whole world of possibilities that you should make the most of, but very few of us actually exploit our phones to their maximum potential. You can change your entire lifestyle, make yourself safer, healthier or simply better prepared for what the day might throw at you.

To help you get better use out of your smartphone, here are the top 7 things you should be able to do with yours. All of them are within reach; you just need to seek them out and start using them today so read on to learn more about them all.

Thermal Imaging Camera

These additional cameras allow you to use your smartphone as a thermal imaging device. It might sound like one of those cool things that have little practical purpose but if you’re interested in making your home more energy efficient and green, it’s something that you should definitely be looking into round about now. They can show you where cold air is entering your home and where hot air is escaping. You can then address those problem areas and stop wasting energy.


You don’t need to pay for an expensive gym membership if you want to get your fitness and health back on track. All you need to do is change how you get around and start walking more than you’re used to. By doing this, you’ll get more activity, burn more calories and eventually lose weight, what’s not to like about that? To make it easier, download an app that counts your step just like an ordinary pedometer would do. You can then set targets and beat them each day.

Tools To Prevent Driving Under The Influence

If you enjoy going out for a mean and a drink but are never sure whether you’re over the limit by the time you want to go home, you should turn your phone into a compact breathalyzer. These Bluetooth devices work in exactly the same way as ordinary breathalyzers and the result is displayed on your phone screen. That means you can stay safe and always obey the law properly. At the end of the day, this is about life or death so it’s a good thing to have access to.

Time Killing Games

We all need to kill some time and have fun with games from time to time, and you can do that without being close to a TV and a PS4 nowadays too. There are so many great time killing games available on mobile devices. Everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to Pokemon can now be found in mobile versions. You should play the new Final Fantasy 15 mobile game if you’re looking for a good strategy game. And there is even a very basic version of FIFA available on mobile devices now too.

Radar Weather App

Ordinary weather apps are fine, but they’re nothing compared to the radar weather apps that you can now download. They give you a clear and detailed overview of what’s going on in the sky above where you are and what’s going to happen during the day ahead. It’s so much clearer and much more detailed than most conventional weather apps, so be sure to download one of these as soon as you get the chance to. You definitely won’t regret it.

Heart Health Monitor

Your smartphone can also help you with monitoring the health of your heart, and what could be more important than that? You can do this by using a small pad that you place your fingers on. This is connected to your phone where your heartbeat and rhythm can be displayed. By monitoring it and checking it continually, you will be able to stay on top of your heart’s health for a long time to come.

Personal Safety Apps

Things like SafeTrek are ideal for people who worry about their own vulnerability and safety when they’re out and about. This app works by you holding down a button on the screen when you feel unsafe or under threat, and if you let go of the button and don’t enter a pin, the police will automatically be alerted and your location will be disclosed to them. It’s one example of many apps that can be used to enhance your own personal safety.

Your smartphone can do a lot more than you probably give it credit for, and because we’ve all got one it makes sense to get the maximum amount of use and value out of it as possible.

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