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A Complete Guide To Amp Up Your Vaping Experience

a complete guide to amp up your vaping experience

It has been a while since you started vaping, leaving smoking behind, and vaping has come a long way since then. Being pretty much in demand and less harmful than conventional cigarettes, it soothes the urge of smokers and newbies both.

Still, there is a lot to learn, and vape users can amp up their vaping experience by giving the tried and tested advancements in the vaping industry a try. Here is a complete guide to enhancing the vaping experience for regular vapers.

Disposable E-Cigarettes

Whether you are switching from cigarettes to vaping like any beginner or a regular vape user, disposable e-cigs could be the best option for you any day. It gives you the freedom to try a new flavor frequently and can put your mind off from rechargeable batteries, buttons, or priming the coil every time you start a new vape. You should check online which best devices are available and select the ones you like the most.

Disposable e-cigarettes can uplift your experience of vaping as you could anytime buy a pack of 10 and all with different flavors, giving your mood a swift shift if you are stuck with a single flavor for weeks. These are light in weight, come with a range of nicotine strength, convenient and easy to use.


You have come a long way with regular vaping, but as there is always room for learning and experiment, sub-ohming fills it perfectly. Sub ohming occurs at a resistance lower than 1 Ohm, which requires higher wattage and gives you more flavor and those wide-eyed atomic size clouds you have dreamt of.

It is very different from mouth to lung vaping, and actually, it is direct to lung type, which bypasses the mouth and goes directly to the lungs, resulting in a perfused cloud while exhaling. Initially, sub ohming was reserved for the experienced vapers, but the variety of mods available in the market has made it easy for the newcomers as well.

Rebuildable Atomizers

To enjoy sub ohming to its very extent, atomizers came into the picture, needing pre-made coil heads or customized coils. There are two types of atomizers. One is RDA or RDTA, and the other is RTA. RDA stands for the rebuildable dripping atomizer and has a shallow reservoir beneath the coil that needs constant dripping of vape juice on the coils. Whereas, RDTA has a tank, which feeds the coil uninterruptedly. The benefit of RDA is that it allows you to change the flavor more frequently.

On the other hand, RTA stands for a rebuildable tank atomizer. Though you still need to build up the coil here, you get a tank. Tank gives you the capacity to last the vape juice long, avoiding frequent filling.


E-juice comes with a ratio of VG/PG. These are the two materials in an e-juice function as a base for nicotine. Generally, an e-juice contains a 50:50 ratio of VG/PG as with most mouth to lung vapers. VG stands for vegetable glycerine. It carries less flavor but makes more vapor. VG gives the less throat hit and sweetens the vaping forming cumulus clouds.

PG stands for propylene glycol, works as a delivery mechanism for nicotine. PG ratio generally goes down for sub-ohm devices. The most cultural option is 70:30 (VG to PG) as it gives a good amount of flavor pay off, as well as a smooth and less scratchy throat. You can go with 80:20 or even 100% VG if your ultimate aim is to make every corner of your room filled with copious clouds.

Cartridge & Batteries

Your vape mod, if it is not compatible with tanks, could be used with cartridges or cartridge pods. Cartridge connects to the battery and is easily disposable so that it can easily be swapped for different flavors. Beginners, as well as regular vapers, can easily heighten their vaping experience exchanging flavors of cartridges.

However, batteries come integrated and removable with both options open to the vapers. Where an integrated battery allows fixed wattage and suitable for standard ohm coils, a removable one gives you the flexibility, perfect for the rebuildable coils. It’s the inclusion of sub-ohm vaping with incredibly low resistance coils clubbed with high VG liquids, which has raised the demand for high strength batteries for cloud seekers nowadays.

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