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Audience Segmentation As A Seminal Form Of Campaign Management

audience segmentation for campaign management

Customer expectations are always heading in an upwards direction. In this era, where brand loyalty is slowly fading away, people expect you to one-up yourself on a constant basis. However, this is always a challenge, but it doesn’t get easier as you garner more and more success. In fact, the difficulty level is even higher, especially because you need to balance multiple channels and campaigns at once.

Adobe Campaign is very efficient in creating a single channel of campaign management. Having a tidy canvas from which you can operate is paramount when dealing with a myriad of customers. As more and more difficult campaigns start to end up on your work desk, Adobe Campaign tools can help you segment your audience and personalize your campaign. Let’s take a look at how you can accomplish such a fear.

Avoiding The Reliance On Serendipity

If you desire to craft a versatile marketing campaign, there is no other choice but to draw your data from multiple sources. The more data you have, the more significant your margin of error will be. Although a no-nonsense attitude is vital when it comes to maintaining a stable business model, mistakes are an integral part of the journey. And you would want to be prepared for them.

Using Adobe Campaign, you can roll out a campaign of any size, at any time. They make an attempt at accomplishing this by using audience segmentation. On the Campaign canvas, you have the freedom of creating any parameter that is needed. What audience segmentation accomplishes is the avoidance of sending a wrong email that will end up being ignored or deleted. Every wasted email can cost a significant amount of money, money that can be invested in other ways. By knowing to whom you should direct your campaign, you will rely solely on analytics and not on luck.

How Does Audience Segmentation Work?

Multiple campaigns at once are a bad strategy. By overwhelming your customers, you don’t increase the chance of increasing your click-through rate. On the contrary, this hit-and-miss system will create an impression of desperation, something that can be very much detrimental in attracting new customers. Therefore, you want to run a single campaign, but with a different email directed at different people. This is where audience segmentation steps on the scene.

By using the dynamic list selection, you can select different lists for automated email sending, as well as eligibility calibration. Instead of manually imputing each contact, you can set parameters that make contacts eligible. Using the analytics that you’ve gathered, the dynamic list selection will create groups without a single error. Whether it is age, visiting frequency or made purchases, this list creation module will decrease the chances of sending unwanted or unnecessary emails.

Creating A Customer Profile

It takes one to know one. Everyone knows this phrase (which is mostly used as an insult), but it can be applied to marketing. As a customer of a company, you want them to know your affinities and preferences. That’s the only way of creating a valid customer profile. With Adobe Campaign, you can take campaign management to the next level by extracting data from the dynamic list selection. This way, you can focus on a single customer, if needed.

So, an excellent segmented campaign functions on three fronts – analytics acquirement, list creation and profile creation. Adobe Campaign brings you a unique advantage by merging these three elements onto a single canvas. That way, a single campaign can be more effective than ten separate ones run at the same time.

Merely approving a custom-made email and copying it into several new versions will allow you to hit every target you’ve aimed at. Additionally, you can opt to define as many customer segments you want, as well as using cross-channel services like Adobe Experience Cloud.

What Can You Gain From Audience Segmentation?

The primary goal of audience segmentation is utilizing Adobe Campaign to strengthen your core customer body. While some individuals deem customer attraction as the most important aspect of running segmented campaigns, this isn’t always true. Remember – word-of-mouth is still the most effective way of marketing. Therefore, your loyal customers will quickly transfer their joy due to receiving custom emails to their friends and family. This is the epitome of “think global, act local.”

Additionally, audience segmentation allows you to free up time with better campaign management. Because you will have a system at work, there will be more time to allocate to other sectors that need your undivided attention.

An Outlook On The Future

By observing the competition and the way they utilize Adobe Campaign, you can pinpoint the five pillars of success – planning, automation, measurement, execution, and limitation. By combining these elements onto a single canvas, your projects can soar to new heights thanks to swift segmented email campaigns.

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