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The Best Everyday Carry Gadgets To Get For Yourself This New Year

the best everyday carry gadgets for 2018

2018 is the year that you say ‘enough’. Enough to getting stuck with no phone battery, enough to scrambling through tool boxes for one tiny tool, enough to carrying around a massive camera only to take a few photos, enough to never being prepared.

With these gadgets, you’ll never have to live those horrors again. So, say ‘enough’ and get these gadgets before you find yourself in another irritating but avoidable situation.

Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank is our number 1 everyday gadget because, in short, we all need one. And if you’re not convinced, think back to the many (too many) times when your phone died with no-where in sight to charge it. Remember that feeling of slight, yet somehow also intense panic and damn-right annoyance?

Now you’ve had the epiphany that you really do need a portable power bank.

Gear Hungry has written a brilliant article on their top picks for the best power banks. We suggest giving it a read before making any purchases. It gives impressive reviews on the highest rated power banks so that when it comes to buying one, you’ll have a reliable reference to look back on.

Smartphone Camera Lenses

We’ve all been there; you’re going on a day trip to London, want to take some scenic photos, don’t want to take your big expensive camera. Therefore, you have two options:

  1. Take your expensive camera – complain the whole day about how inconvenient it is to carry, possibly break it in the crowds of hurried people, worry about it getting nicked.
  2. Use camera phone – struggle to get a good image of the London eye from afar, look back at photos and find they’re blurry.

Both of these paths are pretty rubbish either way. Therefore, choose another path – buy some tiny portable smartphone camera lenses. You’ve now got the best of both!

Wallet Ninja

This little fella is much handier than it seems. Forget about diving into your over-filled toolbox and carry this guy in your wallet or purse.

With an 18-in-1 tool card that seamlessly fits in the slimmest of pockets, wallets and purses you’ll never have to frantically search for a screwdriver or any other of these 18 tools again.

Rollbe Compact Measuring Tool

If you’ve ever searched for a tape measure that turns out is in the ‘junk drawer’ – weirdly the last place you’d look – then the Rollbe is for you.

It’s the cutest measuring tool you’ll ever see! It can measure straight-lines and curved 3-D objects too. Plus, look at how compact it is.

You can even fit this adorable tool in your purse or wallet, so it can chill out with your change until it’s needed. Learn more about this epic tool at Gear Hungry.

Know Of Any More Everyday Gadgets?

Give us your top list of everyday carry gadgets in the comments below, and give this a like and share if you found it useful!

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