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Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps

best mobile sports betting apps

We’re a society that’s either on the go, or on the phone. Mostly, we’re both. Certainly, COVID-19 has slowed down the on the go part for a lot of people but that’s only led to us being on our smartphones even more frequently. No matter where we are, people want the ability to be able to do whatever it is we like to do when we’re at home. That’s why we love mobile apps. Whether it’s the chance to play our favorite video game, check the latest weather, or perhaps place a wager on a sporting event, all of these possibilities are made into realities by mobile apps.

Offering mobile access is the ultimate tech status symbol. If a company doesn’t provide a suitable mobile platform to its customers, well that’s just so yesterday.

The world of online sports betting is one of the most competitive industries in operation. The landscape is constantly changing, taking new twists and turns. Those who keep ahead of that curve, stay on the cutting edge of technology, are going to win the day. Those who get left behind will be like a losing ticket on a sports wager – discarded and soon forgotten.

Going Mobile

The recent increase in live betting is making a sportsbook’s mobile app an even more vital tool. Live bets are wagers on the next outcome in a game. To place that wager, players require a mobile app that’s intuitive and delivers rapid response time.

At the 2019 East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City, N.J., industry insiders projected that within a decade, 90% of all sports wagers in the USA would be made from a mobile device. That trend is already evident in New Jersey, where 80% of all sports wagers are placed on a mobile device.

That being the case, a sportsbook’s mobile site needs to be their biggest asset.

Sports bettors must be assessing all of the qualities and bells and whistles of a mobile app before opting in as a player with that sportsbook. Is it compatible with your device’s operating system? If you enjoy online games, does the sportsbook mobile app also offer those options? Suppose you play the ponies. Is it equipped with a racebook?

If you play parlays, can you track your bets? Is the mobile site as easy to decipher as the main website?

Let’s take a look at some of the top mobile apps in the online sports betting industry and see what they have to offer.


With more than 7 million customers worldwide, this British bookmaker must be doing something right. And one of those things that Bet365 does very well is mobile sports betting.

Bet365’s menu of in-play betting options is off the charts. Besides sports, the Bet365 game rooms can also be accessed from their mobile site. Their app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

CG Technology

When talk is of mobile sports betting, these guys are the true pioneers. CG Technology has been at the forefront of the Nevada sports betting industry since 2009. It was the first sportsbook operator to launch a mobile gaming app and pioneered the popular in-play wagering, among other innovations.

Beyond sports, bettors on the CG Technology mobile app can also wager on entertainment and esports betting lines.

Mobile apps let a sports bettor place a wager from just about anywhere.

William Hill

William Hill is among the pioneers in sports betting. They took their first bet in 1934. And yet, they are as current as any mobile site when it comes to technology.

Their site also works with both Android and iOS devices. William Hill is another site that is known for the abundance of live in-play wagers on offer. Players can access the William Hill online games directly from the sports mobile app.


Among the online sports betting giants, Bovada has been in operation since 2011. They consistently rank up with the leaders in every category that is important when joining an online sports betting site.

As a sign of their industry leadership, Bovada has gone one step further in terms of making mobile betting a simplified process. Rather than create a mobile app that requires downloading, Bovada has built a streamlined mobile site right into the main web page. A couple of quick clicks and you’re playing with the same speed and capabilities as you’d find at Bovada’s website.


Another British-based sportsbook with millions of customers around the globe, Betfair offers the No. 1 betting exchange in the business. Their mobile app is just like everything else that Betfair creates – second to none.

The Betfair app works with all mobile devices and smartphones. Its features are so silky smooth that you’ll swear you’re actually on their regular web page and not the Betfair mobile app. There’s nothing that you can do on the Betfair website that you won’t be able to also do via their mobile app.


Mobile bettors at MyBookie receive two for the price of one. Go to their mobile site for sports betting and you’ll get access to their full slate of odds across all major sports.

Like Bovada, there’s no need to down an app. MyBookie’s dedicated mobile site works with iPhone, Android, and any internet enabled mobile device.

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