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BetOnline App Review

With two decades of experience in the online betting world, BetOnline has built a solid reputation as one of the industry leaders. With hundreds of available markets as well as quick and reliable transactions, we’ll take a closer look at why it has earned such a stellar reputation.

Founded back in 1991, BetOnline has earned its reputation as one of the biggest brands in the online sports betting industry. One of the things that separates an average sportsbook from a great one is the amount of markets that they offer. BetOnline has a huge array of betting options for all of the major sports around the world as you would come to expect. We could spend time listing off all of the things that make them one of the best in the world but that can be a bit boring. We do suggest that you take the time to read their review at where you will find all of the technical details about their offerings. What we would like to do here is paint a picture as to why BetOnline is an industry leader with examples of how their offering affects their competitors.

They are one of the market setters which is a role reserved for only the very biggest names in the industry. Everyone knows that the NFL is one of the biggest betting markets in the world with the league being number one in the world in terms of revenue despite the limited amount of games (16 regular season) that they play. If you are serious about betting, you will know that line shopping is crucial to your success. If you have an account with BetOnline, you will notice right away that their NFL lines are available before most of the other sportsbooks which makes them a market setter.

That fact alone let’s you know you’re dealing with one of the world’s top brands as other websites will set their NFL spreads according to the line BetOnline releases. We’ve chosen to start with this fact because it’s easy to call yourself an industry leader but when you have proof that others follow your lead in one of the world’s top markets, that fact alone speaks volumes.

Mobile Sports Betting Is the Future

Almost every sportsbook has a mobile version of their site but not all of them are created equal. If you’ve been paying attention to the recent events in the United States in regards to legal sports betting, you’ll notice that New Jersey has been challenging Nevada in terms of overall sports betting handle. That has only been made possible by the fact that over 80% of wagers made in New Jersey came via mobile wagers. The states that have not legalized sports better (like New Jersey neighbors New York for example) have proven that they can’t possibly compete.

Clearly BetOnline is way ahead of the curve because they are an online sportsbook. As you would expect, their mobile offering is top of the line. The issue with the mobile version of most online sportsbooks is that all of the features that are available on the desktop can’t be found on mobile which can be extremely frustrating. Luckily for their customers, BetOnline clearly did not cut any corners when they released their mobile version.

Some online sportsbooks have invested in mobile apps that you will have to download at your Apple or Android app store. While BetOnline’s mobile offering is one of the best, it accomplishes that without being overly complicated. Their customers do not need to go to an app store to download anything. Instead, BetOnline invested in a mobile optimized site that can be accessed from any browser or mobile device. With an app, you would have to constantly make updates not to mention that various online sites with apps that need to be downloaded report bugs with these applications. Instead you can just open your web browser on your mobile device, go to BetOnline’s site, and everything you came to expect on the full desktop version will be available. Again this may seem routine until you visit another online sportsbook and realize their mobile offering is missing half the options that can be found on the desktop version. With BetOnline this doesn’t just apply to sports either, as their poker and casino offerings are available online as well, another rarity in the industry.

BetOnline Offers Markets For Almost Everything

If you wanted to place a bet on the upcoming U.S election, BetOnline has got you covered. These days, most sportsbooks offer odds on elections so it’s not surprising that you would find that available at BetOnline. The thing is, BetOnline isn’t most other sportsbooks and that is evident by the amount of markets they offer. You see, BetOnline doesn’t just allow you to pick which candidate will become president, you can also wager on the electoral college as well.

If you aren’t sure what we mean by that, BetOnline allows you to wager on whether each state votes Republican or Democrat. That’s an additional 50 markets that you are unlikely to find anywhere else and there’s more. You can also wager on who will win the popular vote, or if you like prop bets, they have options like “Will Trump win every state he won in 2016?” or “Voter Turnout for the election Over or Under 60.5%” to name a few.

Regardless of your sports betting experience, it’s rather obvious that the bigger the markets on offer, the better the sportsbook you’re dealing with. It’s no surprise then that BetOnline is known for having some of the fastest payouts in the industry as well as several deposit options to satisfy the needs of customers around the globe. As market setters, with one of the best mobile offerings available and more options to wager on than most of its competitors, it’s easy to see why BetOnline is one of the most trusted brands in the world.

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