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Big Data Analytic Tools For Small Businesses

big data analytics for small business

One assumption many people have is that Big Data analytics is a reserve for large institutions with extensive budgets. Nowadays, minor enterprises too can use Big Data to make intelligent, results-driven evaluations to scale their operations.

Decisions about adopt Big Data solutions always linger, and companies’ financial departments need to decide whether to hire data engineers or else if they can afford big data consulting rates. On the contrary, small organizations can still make use of their in-house data or a public source of data, without spending much.

Below are some tools small businesses can use to analyze their Big Data.

Google Analytics

For beginners, getting a sophisticated application for collecting data can be too costly. Your company’s website can be a high starting point. You can use Google’s freeware Google Analytics to monitor your site’s traffic.

Based on its algorithm, Google Analytics makes available all kinds of data from your website’s traffic. Through it, one can study and analyze the data collected. Based on the info found, knowledgeable and data-based resolves can be made.

For example, studying and assessing traffic from your social sites will give you ideas on how to best tweak your marketing strategies on your social media channels for greater benefits.

ClearStory Data

Big Data success relies on how well the data is analyzed. ClearStory Data performs data mining and analysis. In addition, it presents the parsed data in a straightforward format.

This tool blends your in-house business data with public data to enable you to come to wise decisions. Apart from that, it can deliver custom data tailored for specific departments within the enterprise.

ClearStory Data covers a wide array of enterprises, for example, catering, banking, and media, to name a few.

Insight Squared

Systems in place within your business can be good sources of data. Nonetheless, analyzing and assessing the information can be tiresome. Enter Insight Squared. It links with the various business solutions you may have available, for instance, QuickBooks, to collect data spontaneously and deliver result-oriented information.

Watson Analytics (IBM)

Most, if not all, developers of data analytics solutions lean towards experienced data engineers or analysts. Nonetheless, IBM’s Watson Analytics makes complex data analysis processes more straightforward, making it simpler to adopt within a small enterprise.

To use this analytics tool, clients don’t need to be pro-data scientists, since most of its processes are automated. Another significant advantage is that it merges all the tools you may need to make your information simple.


Payments via credit cards contain a lot of valuable data. On the underside, this data is only given to companies with the best tools and workforce to handle it. Here, Tranzlogic comes in to provide this data to minor enterprises.

Tranzlogic liaises with other relevant stakeholders to obtain and assess the needed data from the credit card transactions. The information can be used to appraise customers and sales, for instance. A plus for this tool is that it does not require any technical know-how for one to use it.

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