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Black Friday & Christmas: How Are They Related?

black friday and christmas how are they related

All the craze began in 1960, in the USA, when the term” Black Friday” was used to announce the start of the Christmas shopping season, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Historically, the name came from the police in Philadelphia in the same period, who complained about the streets being full of people, blocking all circulation.

However, in the retail sense,” Black Friday” signifies stores switching from red to black ink.

But why the huge success, though? This came at the moment retailers realized how good of an opportunity this was to draw never-ending crowds of clients in their store by offering ground-breaking deals, by cutting prices extremely low. Even more, in the era of technology, online shopping offers a better environment for this to unfold, clients being able to know before-hand if their favorite products will be on sale, they don’t have to wait in lines in the cold, and they can easily search for their product elsewhere if it is not available anymore.

In these circumstances, it is no wonder that more than half of the Thanksgiving week shoppers decide to wait for Black Friday. But what are they looking for? If you are eager to find out what your Christmas present from someone might be, or you are the one who needs to buy the presents and you just need some inspiration, see the list below, we put together a few of the products you will find to have some of the greatest deals.


Some of the items that have the best bargains are usually phones, even the latest models. This is why we talk about the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, which have such developed technology that run without any trouble any type of app or command you could think of, from a simple game like an online casino to more complicated, maybe work-related tasks. You will also find that various accessories like the AirPods will have some juicy sales. Google Pixel 4, 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S9 don’t fall behind either, being their equivalent in the Android world.


We know, the PS5 just came out, and it couldn’t have been at a more perfect time. Still, don’t forget about the classic Nintendo Switch, the trusty Xbox Series X, or the modern Oculus Quest 2 VR system. They will also come with some great offers alongside a wide variety of games and make some fans incredibly happy.


Lately, the demand for laptops has become almost too much to bear, but let’s hope that Black Friday will somehow balance everything out. In this area you will also find various options that will fulfill your needs. You will find laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro, Lenovo Yoga or ThinkPad, or the Dell Inspiron 15 7000. Here, it depends a lot on what you are looking for, the reason you need the laptop and the specifications you prefer. We suggest that first you have a clear image of what you need, then start looking for different offers.

Virtual Assistants

One of the many ways technology comes to our advantage, they became insanely popular over the last few years, so if you wanted to test the modern experience of having a virtual assistant, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. They also come in different models, created by different manufacturers and various functions. The ones you most likely heard about are the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod or the Google Home. They are a fun and handy investment that won’t leave you disappointed.


Thinking about becoming healthier? Now it’s the perfect chance! You will find various models of Fitbits, like the Charge, Inspire, Versa or Ionic on sale that will act like your personal assistant. They will help you monitor your progress better, even decide what regimen fits your body best, depending on the results your Fitbit gives you.


Nothing more classic to celebrate Black Friday with than a TV. For example, the Apple TV, LG 4K, TCL 55S405 55-inch or the Sony KD55720E will most likely have great offers, so it might not be the worst thing to keep an eye on them if you want a new TV, especially that now you can do so much more on them other than just watching the news.


A multi-purpose gadget, that is sure to make music lovers’ Christmas perfect. Of course, here we found a few different options too, depending on whether in-ear or on-ear designs are preferred. Going in with the best in the industry, the Bose Quiet Comfort 35, 25, or 20 if you prefer in-ear headphones, they are quickly followed by the Beats by Dre Solo 3, Studio 3, or the BeastX Wireless Headphones. The choice also depends a lot on what type of music is listened, or for what reason (recording in studios, for example).

We hope that we were a good inspiration for your Christmas shopping list, as you probably found an item fit for any age or desire. We are sure that the shops will have you covered this year too, especially if you know beforehand exactly what you are looking for.

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