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Cake – A Much Needed Browser For Your Phone

cake web browser for mobile

Are you bored of using the same old default browser Chrome or Firefox browser on your phone? Are you looking for a browser that is exclusively made for your mobile and does not function like a typical web browser? If yes, then here’s good news for you. Cake Browser is one such browser which is designed especially for your phone and is worth giving a try.

It is very common to see people sticking to the browser that comes pre-installed in their phones. Most of you who are reading this have also been doing this for sure. It doesn’t surprise me if you stick to the good old Chrome or Firefox browsers, but I just wish to tell the readers that they should try some arguably better browsers available out there. When it comes to browsers for mobile, I just cannot miss out on mentioning this amazing one named Cake.

Cake is a web browser for mobile which was launched recently. This Utah based startup has got something different to offer to the users. This startup aims at taking on these well established names such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari and more. Its browser app, which has been named as Cake Web Browser is probably one of the first browsers which has been designed specifically for phones. They have also recently announced that they have managed to raise $5 million for their efforts from Peak Ventures, Kickstart Seed Fund and Pelion Ventures. This clearly shows the potential it holds.

I am sure you must be wondering what is so different about this browser. All the ‘mobile’ browsers you come across assumes it to themselves that the way you can or should browse over your phone is exactly the way you browse on your desktop. That is, you search for something on Google and then keep on opening the links until you find the one you think is relevant. Now that Google is just so awesome, most of the time it happens that what you search for, pops up in the very first search result. Cake Browser does exactly the same for you. But instead of showing you the search results and links for those web pages, it directly opens up the web page as the first result of your search.

Thinking what if the first result isn’t what you are looking for? Worry not, you can simply swipe to the right to view the second search result. You can continue doing so until you find the desired web page. It pre-loads the first three results for you and makes it seamless for you to swipe between them.

If you are looking for a product then the usefulness of this kind of web browsing increases to a good extent. Just by searching over it you can compare prices between websites in just few swipes. How easy is that, isn’t it? Moreover, it also offers dedicated product searches and shows results from Google, eBay, Amazon, Groupon, Walmart and more. It works similarly when you have to search for images and videos as well.

Here are the features of this incredible tool:

  • Gets you search results in no time and no effort.
  • Just swipe and go.
  • Personalize your searches.
  • Supports tabs and also has an incognito and private mode.
  • Lets you choose your preferred search engine, which you change later as well.

As of now, there are no performance issues that have been heard or read about this particular browser. Cake definitely has a bright future ahead and is something that will make your searching experience over your phone a great one.

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