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Your Call Is Important: Picking A Mobile Network For K3OPS

After more than 4 years of intense work to allow any smartphone to be electrically charged through use of a constant source of renewable energy that last forever. The benefits of this technology are unlimited, allowing consumers to enjoy using their handsets and connected devices without having to recharge them and without the need for batteries. The company stays discrete but every leaks lead to a French Operator for a partnership. They have all the right to be picky because back to the beginning, no one would have imagined that they would definitely resolve and overcome the challenge of RF energy harvesting. The chosen operator would be able to make the difference and market them as the “greenest” cellphone carrier worldwide.

In a recent interview Xin Wei declared: “Choosing a mobile carrier for K3OPS is akin to going on a blind date. In both cases it can either be a match made in heaven or a disaster. We all need to become more respectful from each other, more responsible with the environment and the health. Those are the convictions for which we fight at STICKNCHARG LTD. So when you start flirting with the idea of going mobile the first two questions to consider are: the company is respectful to their current customers and is it for them a passing fad or a genuine change to use our ‘green’ energy. Because suddenly environmentalism is sexy, hip and center stage, so should we be a little skeptical when a celebrity hosts a concert to raise awareness for global warming then right after hops on a private jet to their 60’000 square foot mansion in St Tropez? Or if a studio releases a well-intended documentary espousing the importance of protecting our fragile ecosystem and then uses up a forest worth of paper in print ads and one sheet posters promoting the film. we provide solutions for a better world, in a more equitable society.”

Alexandre Despallieres said: “With the size of the market, it is about the time to precisely define what is the ‘IoT’ because the confusion is so confusing. Either those so called ‘things’ are covering any kind of objects or either it’s a term that we cannot really explain yet, but its trendy. For me by definition, anything that is wirelessly connected to the internet and since this anything needs an ID, we then obtain IDIoT for smart devices, I find it very ironic for what describe the next industrial revolution! The eco-conscious movement has come to Hollywood in a big way and everyone from movie stars to power brokers is falling over themselves to get on the bandwagon. Why the conversion? Forgive my cynicism but this interest in the earth doesn’t stem from some business owner and corporation in their Maserati being suddenly struck by a vision of Gaia, just like Saul was blinded in desert. No this epiphany has more pragmatic roots and speaks a language in which movie moguls are fluent. Green also means money and selling environmentalism can be very lucrative.”

The two inventors of K3OPS technology ( have chosen the cultural and historic city of Marseille in France to live and to establish their business. “It is not only a beautiful city, but also a city that aspires to greatness, a city where Euromed projects unfold without any difficulty.” Concluded Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei.

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