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Choosing The Best Smartphone For You

how to choose the best smartphone

Don’t purchase a smartphone just for the sake of buying a smartphone or to show off to your friends and relatives until and unless you have lots of money. Always check to see if the mobile phone you are going to purchase is useful or not. These are a few tips that can help you choose a great smartphone and at the same time save few bucks on your purchase.

List Your Needs

This is a vast and very important step. Take out the Notepad and write down your requirements on that. You can look for following needs

  1. Look which operating system you need: There are several options in the market. Apple’s very own iOS offers clean interface, easy to use and takes a extra step for security over others. Android on the other hand comes with blend of google services and allow to customize according to customer requirement, also it is free to use operating system. We will not talk about Windows because Microsoft recently announced that Windows phones are now dead.
  2. Fix a price range that you can spend: Choosing a brand also falls under this step. Determine if you need a high-end device, medium range or low budget mobile phone. This purchase should not create a burden on your pocket.
  3. Note down which features you need in your smartphone: Assess whether you need a fingerprint sensor, artificial intelligence, facial recognition etc. before proceeding ahead. Also look out into the apps you need to run on your smartphone because each operating system comes with their own set of apps.

Selecting A Smartphone Model

After finalizing your price and brand. Next step is to choose which model of that particular brand you are going to pick. For that, take care of following things

  1. Display Size: If you are hardcore video streamer, longer screen sizes will work for you.
  2. Model: Newly launched mobile phones come with a high price tag. For example, iPhone X comes with a price tag of $999 but after few months, it will see deeper price cuts on the model just like we have seen on iPhone 7 and iPhone 6. In this way, you can save some money on your smartphone purchase.
  3. Memory: In this, you can consider storage space that can fulfill your needs starting from 4 GB to 256 GB. Also, peek into RAM requirements.
  4. Performance: Don’t negotiate on this. Look for CPUs with higher number of cores and high clock speeds. If you are a heavy gamer, then always opt for high end processor clubbed with good amount of RAM.
  5. Camera: These are secondary requirements but can play a vital role in choosing your smartphone. Remember, don’t fall for mega-pixels. Mega-pixels are just numbers instead look for better lenses, wide viewing angle and large aperture.
  6. Battery: Another very important requirement higher mAH battery offers longer working hours in one charge.

Making The Final Purchase

Last but not the least, this step can gift you a quality purchase as well as some handsome chunk of money. Look for following steps while making your final purchase if you are going to buy it online

  1. Purchase only from trusted e-Commerce stores like, etc.
  2. See rating and reviews of that particular seller on online store if he/she delivers quality product, how much time he take to deliver the product.
  3. See ratings and reviews of product to get an idea about what problems and merits are being faced by users of that product.
  4. Always, take help of price comparison websites to find Mobiles best price. Actually, different stores and their sellers price products according to them. Price comparison website shows all prices across these stores on a single page. In this way, you can save money and time as well.
  5. Don’t forget to check the return and refund policy of product.

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