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Why Companies Need Ethical Hackers

why your company needs ethical hackers

With the boom in Internet and Information technology, today’s digital world is witnessing a rapid increase of internet users across the globe – from school going kid to The President of USA, everybody is habituated to browse the internet via mobile phones, tablets, virtual machine, IoT devices etc. With the advancements in the technology and digitization, companies are regularly protecting their IT stuff from many cyber attacks. Cyber criminals or the hackers are always on their way to invent new method or technique to enter into the network/system. Most of the companies believe that once they are done with the security measures in their IT environment/infrastructure then they are safe from any attacks. But the actual scenario is all those security measures are to be tested constantly and update them in order to protect them from hackers. For this reason, companies need to employ ethical hackers to safeguard their security network/system. Certified Ethical Hacker training makes professionals to understand In and Out of Ethical hacking.

Who Is An Ethical Hacker?

Ethical Hacker and Ethical Hacking are the terms used to explain hacking executed by an organization or individual to help in discovering the vulnerabilities or potential threats on a security system or a computer network. Ethical hacker is a skilled programmer/security expert who attacks a system on the side of system’s owners. An ethical hacker tries to overtake system security and identify the weak points that could be exercised by malicious hackers. The outcomes of the search are then used by the pentesters of the organization to enhance the system security by minimizing or reducing any potential attacks further.

Who Is A Pentester?

Penetration tester is in short is referred as Pentester. They are skilled real-time hackers with existing industry and technical stuff. A pentester functionality is to counterfeit the different attacks that are hit throughout the organization’s network to resolve where vulnerabilities are found. It implies that replicated malware infection or testing workers across unrecognizable social engineering. All these are activities are documented and detailed in the form of report. These reports include advice and suggestions as to how to tackle with the vulnerabilities and how to eliminate the point of entries identified. Mindmajix offers wide range of Certified Ethical Hacker training programs for Beginner, Mid and Advanced levels of Professionals.

Types Of Hackers:

These hackers are categorized into three types, they are: Black Hat, Grey Hat and White Hat.

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