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Contact Android Devices Up To 70 Meters Away With Becast

contact any android device with becast.

Becast, a new, revolutionary smartphone notifications platform that works with geographically based technology for transmitting messages to nearby customers, this week officially announced their innovative service is officially available for purchase.

Capable of transmitting notifications to Android smartphones from up to 70 metres away, the BeCaster is smaller than a matchbox with its own integrated power supply. BeCasters can be fixed or mobile, enabling users to communicate directly with passing customers from the store premise or vehicle.

“This is a new kind of direct marketing approach that will lure in customers from nearby locations,” said Edward Roberts, Founder and Owner of Becast.

“Our BeCasters will send tailored notifications to passing smartphone users and will then direct traffic to both websites and social media profiles. As a result, the interactive element will spur curiosity and interest in any kind of business operation.”

Becast was developed for one-man business operations, as well as global organisations looking for a more targeted marketing vertical. To get started with the simple technology, users simply buy the wireless BeCasters, requiring no monthly subscription. Once purchased, they pre-active their BeCaster and choose a promotional message with a website link or social media link attached. After that, the BeCaster will broadcast the message to passing smartphones via Bluetooth.

Additionally, the BeCasters are battery operated and completely transportable.

“This solution is packed with cutting-edge technology that will transmit a notification with a clickable link to a website or social media page depending the business requirement,” said Harry Dorrans.

“It’s all supported by a team of dedicated and passionate experts in the tech field today. Spread the word on the rollout of our new location-based marketing product, and head on over to our website today to get started with a BeCaster.”

Becast works with Android smartphones which is a massive 84.82% of the global smartphone market.

For more information, visit their official website and use TECHGEEK365 as the promo code at checkout to benefit from a cool discount.

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