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Control Children’s Phone Use And Protect Their Safety With Android Keylogger

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Children are always curious about many things including your Android phone. Just imagine if they open an app on your Android and they get unnecessary information for their age. The best solution is to protect your beloved Android. iKeyMonitor is offering a great parental control product known as Android keylogger. Let’s discuss this product clearly so you can make sure that it is suitable to solve your problem.

Short Overview Of Android Keylogger

Android keylogger is an Android app protection system. You can also find products compatible with tablets, iPhone, and iPad. The keylogger app helps you find out any kind of activities on your devices by sending the report via your active email account. Later, you are able to control and know what your children do with their devices including their chats, calls, web browsing history, location tracking, and social media activity.

What You Get From Android Keylogger

Sounds interesting, right? Let’s talk about what you get from this keylogger. The best part is that you have a chance to control all parts of the device. You just need to use your active email account and the system will send the logging report there. Then, you can check the detail and do something if you find something strange. The controller is in your hand and you can decide the time to shut down or turn on the monitoring status anytime you want. You will get the password and specific code so you are the only one who can open, customize, and do anything with the app. There will be no one who got access to the app.

Capture Almost Everything In Detail

The second interesting part is that you will get the complete detail. Thanks to the screen capturing feature which supports the capturing of all types of data including images, texts, and even voice. As a result, you have enough and strong evidence about a certain strange activity.

Multi-Language Support

What if you are not mastering English well? It is not a problem because you can still use a different type of language. This product is able to operate in a different language and you can change it easily with its advanced setting. You can operate the app maximally because the system is using your mother tongue or your favorite language.

Professional Customer Service

There is a possibility that you want to ask something about this product. Just do it easily because Keylogger is supported with professional customer service. You can send your question via email or chat anytime you want. You may ask about anything including downloading process and how to use this app maximally to control and protect your children without forcing them to keep away from their device.

Three Day Free Trial

First-time users are still doubted whether Keylogger is the best android monitoring app or not. To solve this problem and to make you sure, the developer is ready for the free trial for first time user. You may use the features in a three-day free trial and if you think the product is perfect to control your children while using their device, you can just purchase the premium version. Definitely, the premium version will be more complete.

What you have to do next is choosing whether you want to use the free trial or get the premium one. If you want to try it for free first, you just need to download the free version. On the other hand, if you want to purchase the app, you just need to click the grab your license button and follow the instruction carefully to use your premium Keylogger. By the time you get the app, you can explore all the features and feel the benefits. In the end, you can let your children play with their device comfortably and you can do something right away if you see something wrong.

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