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Critical Sections To Include In A Successful SEO Proposal

critical sections to include in a successful seo proposal

As an SEO agency, marking is one of the most challenging areas, especially with the rising number of firms offering services just like yours in your local area and online. In a simple term, you’re competing for the same target audience and you, therefore, need a well-planned marketing strategy that will help you reach out to and recruit more clients to get your fairer share of the cake on the market. One of the most effective ways to get new prospects is using SEO proposals that are specifically customized to the specific client you’re trying to recruit. But even then, there are certain sections that you can’t leave out of your SEO proposal.

They are really critical and can determine whether or not the prospect that you’re proposing to will consider hiring you to improve their Google ranks and increase traffic to their website. So what are these critical sections that every SEO proposal should have to be successful?

Introductory Section

While some SEO agencies tend to forget this, the introduction is one of the most important sections in any SEO proposal. It is the part where you introduce your firm to the audience or intended recipient and let them know who you really are, what you do, some of your accomplishments and how you can help them improve their SEO. You are basically pitching yourself to the prospective client and for them to even consider reading your proposal, let alone hiring you, you will need an introductory part that catches their attention.

In this section, you can include your company name, what drives you, things that sets you apart from the rest, and some of your achievements. You can also introduce your team and highlight your company’s experience, along with some case studies and some tools you use in performing SEO. Remember, your main aim here is to build credibility so avoid going too much into detail as you can always provide more details later on on the proposal. It’s a matter of answering the who, why, and how questions.

Initial Audit & Review

Next, you will want to include an initial audit and review section on the proposal. This section provides you with an opportunity to let your target client know that you’re interested in their success. You will need to conduct a quick audit on the prospect’s current performance as well as identify some problems that may need fixing to improve performance.

Keyword Research

For a long time, SEO has been all about good content and keywords, which are among the most crucial factors in ranking on SERPs. As a matter of fact, search engines provide web search results based on the keywords typed on the search bar. In this section, you will want to identify the priority keywords and keyword themes that are relevant to the business or website and prioritize on these. You may also want to show or demonstrate to the prospective client how much value each priority keyword could bring to the business in terms of clicks, new visits, time spent online, and perhaps even their ranking potential on Google.

Competitor Research

The internet marketing world is quite competitive these days. The only way to beat your competition is to identify them and know them from the inside out. In your SEO proposal, you will also want to include a section that clearly identifies some of your target prospect’s competitors and a brief insight into some of their strategies so as to come up with an approach that will help the target client to become or stay more competitive.

Technical SEO Evaluation

This is where the real work is. This section involves performing an SEO audit to assess the ability of search engine bots to crawl successfully in the site and index the various pages. Here, it’s all about analyzing site maps, source codes, redirects, and duplicate content in addition to crawler access. It is important to make this section as clear and concise as possible to make it easier for your target client to understand. Remember, the main area is to show them that you’ve identified certain areas of challenge on the site that need fixing to improve SEO. You may also include a brief explanation of how certain technical aspects help when it comes to SEO ranking. You can also try using a Local SEO checklist.

Backlink Audit

From time to time, Google releases algorithm updates that are used in ranking and are especially important as far as backlinks are concerned. Here, you may emphasize the importance of having a natural-linking profile and provide an assessment of the current link building strategy used on the site. The article from SEO Jet entitled “SEO Proposal Template – Free Download” explains that an SEO proposal should include a link building strategy, and should give the client an estimate of how many links they will need per month to move up the Google rankings. This section of the proposal should also include the monthly budget for these links. Let the target customer know about how you intend to improve their backlink strategy through analysis and detoxification as well as some of the tools you use to achieve the same if this is applicable.

Content Quality Audit

Content is king ion internet marketing and SEO. For this reason, a successful SEO proposal should also contain a section that provides an insight into the website’s current content quality. It should include a review of content such as blogs, articles, landing pages, CTAs, product pages and other on-site and off-site content as well.

Social Media Review

Social media has become one of the best places for entrepreneurs to fish their catches. With millions of internet users spending most of their time on social platforms, social media marketing has shown the potential to achieve dominance in the world of online marketing. As an SEO agency, you will also want to review the business’ use of social media in their SEO campaigns and identify areas where a change of strategy or more effort may be needed.

Timeline Section

Despite the multiple benefits of SEO, one thing is for sure, you just can’t rank to the first page of Google overnight. For this reason, it is important to provide your prospects with at least an estimate on how long they should expect what kind of results. It’s important to include measurable milestones on your timeline section. Nonetheless, the timelines have to be realistic.

Call To Action

Last but not least, it is important to include a CTA. In this section, you’re literally encouraging your prospect to take action and informing them of the next steps they need to take to get started. It’s best to keep it strong but not too “salesy”.

As an SEO agency, using a sales proposal is one of the best ways to get new clients. However, not all SEO proposals will give you the best results. What matters most is how it is structured and at the end of the day, how much your proposal manages to convince your prospect. All the same, be sure to include the above sections in your next SEO proposal and see how it will perform.

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