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Cutting Costs On Computer Repairs

save on computer repairs

A trip to the computer doctor can be a costly visit. Fortunately, there are ways to save costs on your computer’s healthcare. Here are just a few methods.

Lease, Don’t Buy

Leasing can be a cost efficient method if you’re a business needing to maintain a smooth workflow, or if you’re a student who only needs a computer for a limited time. This is because many lease contracts will offer quick and free repairs if there is a hardware fault. In essence, it’s like having a permanent warranty.

Do It Yourself

IT technicians can charge extortionate costs for repair jobs that are in some cases very simple. Before automatically approaching someone else, have a look online yourself at DIY repair methods. There are many blog posts and video tutorials online that offer detailed step-by-step guides on tasks such as changing a broken laptop screen or getting rid of a virus. You may have to order new parts yourself, but these can often be easy and cheap to find online, with some sites such as supplying even some of the most hard-to-find parts. You may end up getting the repair done for a fraction of the price.

Phone A Friend

For more difficult repair jobs that you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself, it may be worth tapping into your network and seeing if there are any tech-loving friends or family members that would be willing to lend a hand. Some may offer their services for free. Alternatively, you may be able to bribe them with a few quid – less than an IT technician would charge but enough for them to consider taking the time out to make the repair. Another option may be to return the favor back by doing some free babysitting or helping move furniture during a house move.

Find Cheap Technicians Online

The likes of Fiverr and Craigslist can be great for finding cheap and easy labor. Students will often use these services to earn a little extra cash on the side. Independent IT technicians who are just starting out in business will also use these services to kick-start their careers. Cheap labor can come at a cost in some cases – without knowing the reputation of these technicians, you have no idea of knowing whether they’re proficient or not. Some technicians will offer links to professional websites which may be a better indication of a good reputation. Look out for testimonials and qualifications. Never post your computer anywhere – always meet up with the technician in person first so that you know they’re legitimate.

Use Coupons And Vouchers

You may be able to cut costs on repairs through coupons and vouchers found online. Companies such as Newegg supply all kinds of computer parts and you can find plenty of places on the web that provide coupons and discounts. You should also check whether your local IT technician has a loyalty scheme in place. Some IT technicians may throw in discounts on future repairs if you use them again. With such deals, always checks expiry dates and terms and conditions.

Weigh Up Protection Costs

Many IT businesses will offer insurance schemes that could result in free computer repair. Of course, these protection packages also come with an annual fee, which could be anything up to eighty dollars a year. If you regularly find yourself needing repairs, you may be able to justify this cost. But for some, it may seem like a rip-off.

In all cases, always read the small print. Some protection plans may look good from the outset and come at a cheap rate – but there may be limits as to which repairs are included in such a deal. Alternatively, some protections plans may cover all repairs, in some cases even multiple devices within your home such as phones and tablets too.

Businesses should consider specialist protection plans such as Cybersecurity Insurance that could protect against devastatingly costly hacks where financial details may be stolen and customers or staff members may want compensation. There are also virtual IT technician services that can be outsourced, resulting in immediate and efficient IT support and repairs whenever you have a digital hitch for a fixed annual or monthly sum. Such packages can be a good peace of mind but you should again weigh up costs first – you could end up paying regular fees and never running into any sort of issues, making the whole thing a waste of money.

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