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Cutting-Edge Smart Home Security Technology For Luxury Homes

smart home security technology for luxury homes

Home security is the most demanded feature in today’s growing smart home market, and the luxury home segment is no exception. Over a third of luxury home buyers want a smart home, and among these, over half want smart security systems, making this the most popular smart feature, an Inman survey reports. This is not surprising, since luxury home owners have more to lose from a security breach than the average home owner. Today’s mid-tier luxury home buyer places a high priority on security along with privacy.

Luxury home buyers naturally expect their smart home security technology to be as exceptional as the rest of their property. Here are some of the cutting-edge technologies that today’s luxury home owners are using to secure their smart homes.

Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are a core component of any high-end security system, and today’s cutting edge security camera systems use 4K Ultra HD technology. High-end 4K security system providers such as Lorex use 8-megapixel image sensors that capture four times more pixels than a 1080p HD security camera. Using larger sensors allows these cameras to take in more light, improving color, contrast, and ability to detect images in low-light conditions. These top-notch cameras can even deliver color night vision. Enhanced resolution also imparts Ultra HD cameras superior zoom for detecting finer details. This allows 4K cameras to capture vital suspect identifying details such as eye and hair color and license plate numbers, even with relatively little light. IP camera systems also use advanced video compression to keep file sizes small without losing Ultra HD quality, allowing more surveillance footage to be stored for a longer period of time.

Security Drone Surveillance

Security drones are another advanced technology guarding today’s luxury home. Using a security drone enables homeowners to monitor a larger perimeter than stationary cameras can cover, while viewing the property from a higher vantage point that can detect a wider range activity. Security drones can be paired with smart alarm systems that automatically send the drone into flight when a property’s perimeter is breached. Like today’s best security cameras, today’s best security drones use 4K Ultra HD technology, in conjunction with features such as extra rotors, sensors, and anti-weather features to help provide a clear image. Drone footage can be monitored from a controller or a mobile app.

Smart Digital Defense Systems

Smart home systems are potentially vulnerable to hacking, making digital security an essential component of today’s home security system. The range of devices hackers can breach includes not only computers and mobile phones, but also routers, modems, smart TVs, smart speakers, and smart thermostats, to name a few. To address this, security providers have developed systems designed to protect all devices on a home network. For instance, the Norton Core WiFi router can protect an unlimited range of connected devices from hackers, viruses and malware, with automated intrusion detection to rapidly identity and defuse attempted cyber attacks.

Security drones, 4K security system cameras and secure routers are four of the key components of today’s top smart home security systems. Luxury home owners seeking maximum protection for their properties will find these items an invaluable addition to their home security systems.

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