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What Is The Difference Between A Disaster Recovery Plan And A Business Continuity Plan

disaster recovery vs business continuity

Business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan differ in various ways but have one thing in common. They are both programs done by different organizations to ensure their operations are not in any way affected. The operations, hereby, highlighted defines any distressing event that may arise in a business area. With time, Business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan have proven to have significant relevance to business community/corporations. For these reasons, they have been deployed efficiently in case of any future calamities to the organizations. Find out how IT Disaster recovery can save your business in this article.

Business Continuity Plan

Business community planning involves numerous operations in an organization. The program enables businesses to plan, ahead, in case of any possible calamities that may happen to their activities. Aside from natural disasters like flood and thunderstorm, Business community planning also covers other areas that might affect business operations such as death and sudden employee resignation.

Disaster Recovery Plan

The difference between DraaS and business continuity is, unlike business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning is mostly on aftermaths. After an organization has suffered a disaster, either natural or human-made, DR is applied to preserve the business. This means that the Disaster Recovery Plan is responsible for ensuring that the organization stands back to its feet after suffering. This is usually in the cases of loss of essential elements such as electricity, computer viruses, or instances of theft. In other words, disaster recovery plan is an affiliate to business continuity plan.

Business Continuity Plan Versus Disaster Recovery Plan

As BCP is much on continuity of business after a calamity has occurred, the DR program is far focused on the business recovery and preservation. There can be instances of tornados and storms, which might cause excessive damages and loss to businesses. In such moments, the business continuity plan will carefully arrange on how the company will retain its order. The BCP will try to ensure that there are low chances of damage to the business and its properties. On the other hand, the disaster recovery plan will tackle the same instance differently. In such a case, DR will plan on the restoration of the business to its previous state.

In short, disaster recovery plan is about getting all the critical IT infrastructure and operations up and running as a result of an outage. Nearly all business operations today depend on IT for their activities. It is, therefore, assumed that the IT is the center of recovery planning to every organization. Disaster recovery is based on IT, as it is the easiest way of information recovery.

Organizations with these two programs have massively invested in maintaining them. As they sound unsophisticated and straightforward, they can be one hell of a process to create. Also, BCP and DR are cash-based, as they have to be financially supported on a monthly basis. This means that an organization must be well off to enable maintenance of the two programs. For this reason, large corporations are the ones mostly with the BCP and DR programs within their operations.

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