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DIY-Style: Home Of The Future

Ever wished a house that opened the door for automatically as you approached and one that says Hello as you enter. Or a kitchen that kept an inventory of everything in it? This dream of the house of the future lies relies on home automation systems. Vendors can show users what they sell using their catalogs for example to buy 12v actuators; you can check the 12v actuators catalogue. They ensure that you do not need to remember to switch off anything or even get up to do anything. The system’s got you. The installation can happen in two ways: either pay someone to install fully the system(these will cost you a few thousand bucks) or get together whatever you require building your version of a home of the future. In case you are looking at customizing, here are a few things we think you should start with.


First, wire your home entry way to greet you in style. The home entry is the first thing you see after a long day of work. You can configure it up to play a custom introduction, either a favorite track or a greeting to remind you that you’re the king or queen of the house. All you need is Arduino ($29.95), ProtoScrewShield ($14.95) and an MP3 Player Shield ($39.95). However, some bit of knowledge in Arduino is required.

The next thing would be to ditch your keys by making an RFID Door lock. An RFID lock unlocks with a wireless key then automatically closes. It comes in handy especially when you have your hands full. Everything you need goes for less than $100.

You can then spice up your living room with automatically delivered entertainment. The living room being the life of the house, you need to add that futuristic style. This can be done through automating media delivery and accenting it with some control types or even by adding an instant party button. You can also set up your automated system for updating your movies so that you never have to visit a movie store again. All you need is a bunch of free software and a computer. You can also create an inventory and database of your food items. All you need is an old computer or iPhone, a Touch Screen LCD, and a bar-code reader. With it you can manage recipes, to-do lists, among others.


Another feature of the kitchen in the home of the future is the ability to stuff storage in tiny spaces and retrieve them with the push of a button. You can create an automated pop-up kitchen rack that raises with the push of a button and gives you access to whatever is on it. This is just a basic idea that could be expanded to wine racks, coffee makers or even microwaves. All you need is a linear actuator to be moving the racks up and down.

You can also set up your bathroom to monitor water usage and a guide to the toilet when it is dark. An Arduino and motion sensor is used to track how long you stay in the shower. It can also track the number of flushes made in the toilet. All you need is Arduino ($29.95), ultrasonic range finder ($25.95) and an IR sensor ($2.95).

You can also set up your house with automatic lights. These lights are controlled using an iPhone. All you require is open WRT router ($20-$40), Arduino and Wireless remote controls. Also, you can set up your security system. The simple way to do so is a motion detector camera or even use your computer’s webcam.

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