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DRmare M4V Converter Reviewed – Remove DRM From iTunes Movies Losslessly

drmare m4v converter reviewed

Everyone loves Apple products. From the latest MacBook to the iPhone, everyone wants a piece of the Apple pie. What makes it so great? Well brilliant hardware as well as software which culminate to provide an experience that is unrivaled in the tech world. Driving the software part of that experience is iTunes, a program that everyone in the Apple ecosystem is familiar with.

The rise in popularity of iTunes can be traced back to the olden days when the platform provided people with easy and cheap access to their favorite content, be it in the form of movies, TV Shows, songs or something else, Over the years the digital content landscape has changed a whole lot and now everywhere we go come across restrictions in the form of DRM!

But what if there was a simple and easy way to remove this DRM? Well, turns out there actually is one and using it as so easy that anyone who can operate an iPhone can use this software as well. Presenting DRmare – the nightmare of DRMs everywhere.

Features Of DRmare M4V Converter

But removing DRMs is not the only thing that DRMare has up its sleeve, and that’s why, before I begin to Review DRmare M4V Converter, I would like to show you guys some of the best features that this wonderful tool has:

  • It can remove DRM from any media in your iTunes library be it something you may have bought or rented. In fact, this is the very reason that makes it the best iTunes DRM Removal tool around.
  • Not only can DRM M4V Converter remove the DRM from your iTunes library, it can also be used to convert the video into any output media codec of your choice. What this means is now you can enjoy your favorite movies from the iTunes on your Android or even Windows device without any hitch.
  • And this brings me to the third best part about DRmare- they’re cross platform and are available on Windows as well. So, if you are someone who has recently switched over from Apple’s ecosystem to the other side of the pond, you can still access and play your favorite TV series from iTunes!

Added to that, DRmare also provides exemplary round the clock customer support and a 60-day money back guarantee. The latter is what sealed the deal for me and I decided to go all in and purchase a bundle for Mac and Windows for what to me was a very reasonable price of around $50.

User Experience

The proof of the pudding is in the eating-or so says a famous proverb, so no review would be complete without detailing a little of the hands-on experience. So, I decided to go all in and install DRM M4V Converter on my PC and find out how it performed.

Installation went through without a hitch once I had allowed installation of apps downloaded from anywhere from the Security and Privacy section in the settings of my Mac.

Once fired up, the app presented me with a clean and minimalistic pane in which I could drag and drop videos and songs from my iTunes library.

Once I had finished with that, the app looked something just like this. I was now only a few steps away from getting all the DRM from my iTunes media removed.

This was the final step. Here I could select which format I wanted my output in and then I was off to the races!

And after that DRmare M4V Converter did its magic! I’m surprised by how quick the conversion process was. And of course, I tested it out by playing the converted files on my Android tablet and Windows PC. It worked perfectly!


If you are someone who has a ton of media and songs on iTunes and you want to make full use of what you have paid for then DRmare M4V Converter is a must buy. DRM is a hindrance and it is best to get rid of it as soon as possible to get the maximum freedom out of the digital content that you own or rent.

Amir H. Nasr Telecom/Systems Engineer Editor-in-Chief @ TechGeek365.com Instagram: @amir_nasr Twitter: @AmirNasr

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  1. Deckard

    August 1, 2018 at 1:22 PM

    I know something called M4VGear does this trick too. It’s using a high-end technology to directly remove the DRM from iTunes movies. It’s able to download purchased and rented iTunes M4V videos to common formats so that you can play iTunes movies on any device and player with high quality.

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